Amazing women always excited facing their busy life with tasks and missions. They take care everyone else’s health at home though sometimes neglect to maintain their condition. Whereas, when they get sick, it makes everything seems to be mess than ever. In more serious case, women often trapped into more serious problem for their omission about their health. Well every women and moms in the world, your health is very important! So, it’s better take care of your health with nutrition intake and visit the doctor before serious illness occur. You should no longer neglect these health alarm below too!


Extreme Fatigue

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Chronic fatigue triggers various serious illness. If you find your energy decreased for two weeks, it is symptom of something wrong with your meals. Perhaps, there is lack of iron or hormonal imbalance in your menu. It might be tiro-id problem too, which can be healed with drug or therapy. If you still ignore this alarm, chronic fatigue will increase it level to trigger serious illness such as lung cancer, heart, depression, etc. That’s why, women should never under estimate extreme fatigue.


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Body Shape

Some women forget to maintain their body shape after the housewife. Body shape may not a symptom, but it could be an early indication of any potential health issue. It’s time toapple, fruit check which part of your body which contain more fat. If your body has apple shape –which tend to have slim legs/thighs, and fat is mainly distributed in the chest, abdomen and chest, be aware. Apple-shaped women tend to have the highest risk of heart disease and diabetic according to studies conduct by many health department. Otherwise, women with hourglass shape or X shape has the lowest risk with heart. Pear-shaped woman has larger buttock and thigh which women don’t like but actually has lower risk of health issue.


Abnormal Vaginal Bleeding

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Vaginal bleeding at any time other than your normal menstruation cycle or after menopause is symptom of serious health problem.

This could be gynecological cancer or related to other health problem. It could happen because of hormonal imbalance, reaction of pil or contraception, STD, endometriosis and PCOS ( Poly-cystic Ovary Syndrome ). Vaginal bleeding after intercourse or douching also need to be check up. It’s better to meet your doctor to know further and get solution.


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Changes in Breast

Breast cancer awareness is increased, but women cup bra, calculate size bra, choose bra, bra sizestill do not aware with changes on their breast. Women should always know change of their breast every month in case to notice the new symptom, bump or swelling, thickening of the skin around the breast and armpit. Breast cancer doesn’t always causing pain, that’s why woman should increase awareness with breast-check. Don’t forget to know how to wear the right bra for your breast.


Pain in The Chest

Heart attack and stroke is the biggest killer of women in UK. Many of heart symptoms are under estimated and considered as ‘something usual’. This symptom is including uncomfortable and stertorous in chest and mild chest pain, which sometimes feel like indigestion. Researches shows that 40% of women, especially young women, reported don’t feel pain in chest before experience heart, which is a warning for everyone of us to check our uncomfortably as the alert.