Good news for Windows’s Fans!


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After only introduced months before, Microsoft has officially now (Thursday, January 22 2015 ) launched Windows 10 on Redmond, United States. Number of reforms and update were brought by Microsoft in this latest software. It’s included the return of start button on the desktop. Microsoft also exhibits Cortana, Spartan, Xbox streaming and more to spoil their fans. Cortana is only available on Windows phone before. It’s commonly known as clever personal assistant to make you easier do anything with your phone and provide you latest information about what is important to you. At very soon, PC user will enjoy the sophistication of Cortana too. Woow!

cortana, windows phone

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Other feature called Spartan, the new browser application which supposedto replace Internet Explorer browser. IE ( Internet Explorer ) has been Microsoft’s favorite so far, but then this new application claimed to be very light application and has clean looking to make Microsoft has fresher interface.

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The most interesting information during launching, Microsoft will distribute Windows 10 freely to the user.  Does it sound good to you? Wait, this offer valid for Windows 7 and Windows 8’s user only and will be valid until the following years. The qualified user could do free upgrade to update their OS with Windows 10 before the offer ends. After that period of time, new user who upgrade to Windows should purchased this OS on a package. If you are qualified, be ready to enjoy this OS freely!


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 The launched version of Windows 10 is not final yet anyway.  This is version of the introduction for user, at the same time aiming to obtain input regarding new updates are present in Windows 10. Unfortunately, Microsoft has yet to explain when Windows 10 threw to the market. We may need to wait a bit more –don’t tell anyone, it could be soon enough guys! As quoted from PCWorld, starting next week Microsoft will share Windows 10 of Preview Build version though.