Become single parent is not easy, whether you are single mom or single dads. We often hear the heart touching story how a mother grow their children with support of a father. We acknowledge her as super woman and our sympathies are never endless. We can imagine how hard she deal with situation and work to feed the family.


The same goes to single dad. Though, in fact, don’t we realize giving them less sympathy? We tend to take it simple for every single dads out there. There are so many single dads who working hard at their job and at the same time became full time parent alone. So actually they have the same battle, especially because by nature, they are not as good as mother in multi-tasking and nurturing.Woman was born as ‘natural-parent’ who can raising kids at their best and handle housewife as well. It’s totally not so easy for a man to handle all of them. When a man has done their job well and has the same level of dedication as moms, they are appreciated and need us to support them.

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Men Has Less Networks

Single mom is easy to find network to discuss and consult about life as single mom, divorce experience and post-marriage. Especially in social media era, to get support and sympathy from people who has the same past experience is easy. Support comes easily from many source. But let’s divert our attention to single father. They have less network for them sharing about parenting, co-parenting or even consult their divorce or post-marriage. They have less people who support them in that very time he needs. So actually, they need this more than we think before. When we support them on good, it’s not only good for him. It’s good for their children too.


Most Single Dad is Bad Dad??

Get your fact straight. Forget that stereotype because in real life, you will amaze to find more good dads as single parent. They work hard to feed the family and make sure children get what they deserve and learn how to parenting as well. It may not sound normal, but indeed, many dads out there have the same level of dedication as moms. You can judge them before you know them.

daddy, dad, daughter, single parent, single dad, single father

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It’s Not Easy for Men Learning Multi-Tasking

Man was born to do thing one by one. Don’t be worry, to fulfill their responsibility, they will learn this and will master it sooner or later. Real dad will learn the art of raising kids by taking serious course, learning from book and literature. It may take longer time because it’s not their nature. Thus, they really need support from sibling and family. When more people support them, they will eliminate the stress level and make them feel better. Interact with single dads, tips-exchange or offer them help will meant for them so much.


We Don’t Listen Their Complain

Women love to talk. When they have problem and trap into difficulties, they call their pals girl to help them out. Even when they are a single moms, they have more time to hang out compare to single dads. They could bring the kids sight-seeing with their gank. Can you imagine a single dad do this too? No, they are not one of a kind. Even when they have all bad days, they will try to look gentle. They know how to pretend very well. Even when they are much in needing help, they are not usually ask. You can read this symptom.