Weekend is perfect time to spend vacation and take a break from daily busy life. Unfortunately, some people tend to be lazier, doing nothing and wake up late to waste their off day. When you know how to use your weekend in another way and try to be more productive than doing nothing, it would be very beneficial for you.


  1. Boost Your Energy

Being laze will make your energy decreased. You could spend longer time to sleep during your weekend, but once you wake up, you will feel like not excited, more tired and weary. Otherwise, it would make you feel fresh when you do light activity to fill your weekend. It won’t make you too busy and tired, but it will give things to do to fill your long day.


  1. Give You a Better Day

Weekend with interesting activity will boost your mood. It’s good to spend your time to be a volunteer in a camp or help people. When you help other and make people around you happy, you are going to be much happier than them.

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  1. Finish Your Homework

You can do your weekend to divide your work in the following days. It will help you in many ways to save your energy in the rest of one week. It’s not only thrift your time, but it’s also reduce your burden and you will be excited again with your job.


  1. Keep Your Weight

Activity will keep your weight ideal without extra diet. Most people spend their weekend in front television snacking more without controlling their weight. Light exercise and activity will make your weekend is beneficial to your body.

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  1. Do Your Hobby

Weekend is the only time for some people to do their hobby. When you put time to your hobby and persist on it, you could make plenty of money from your hobby. Success from hobby is very possible beside rely on your career and your main job.


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Well, being productive does not mean extra work for your weekend. Being productive means you know how to manage your time wisely. Being discipline is not easy and people deal so hard to avoid laziness during their weekend. So, it would be great to arrange your weekend schedule now 🙂