Water is miracle of life. This substance is very essential for human life for our body contains 90% of water. Water has a lot of benefit for our body. When we drink enough water, it will accelerate metabolism to keep us staying healthy. Otherwise, when we lack of water, there are a lot of health problem that threat us in a long term.   From various researches, these are the benefit of water for your life:

  1. Accelerate Your Digestion System

Enough fluid will prevent you from constipation for digestion system can absorb nutrition very well to create mass of fesses.


  1. Youthful Look

Water is part of healthy lifestyle. When you drink enough water and have healthy pattern for your life, it help you to look fresh and fit and look youthful.  


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  1. Protect Your Heart

Drinking five glass per day regularly will decrease risk of heart up to 41%, as study conducted by American Journal of Epidemiology. Won’t you still doubt the power of water?


  1. Relieve Cramps

Enough water will keep your joint and muscle lubricated perfectly so that prevent you from cramp during exercise.


  1. Relieve You from Headache

Some headaches are caused by dehydration. By drinking enough water, it helps you to relieve from headache very quickly.


  1. Prevent You from Kidney Stone

According to research, kidney stone is trigger by salt which dissolved by water. When you consumed a lot of water, it will dissolve excessive salt in your body which comes out together with urine.


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  1. Fit Your Day and Your Mood

Drinking enough water will help you to stay fit and keep up your mood for prevent you from dehydration, headache and bad mood.


  1. Improve Concentration

Water is one biggest part of brain organ, therefore, water help you to improve your concentration and think better.

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  1. Keep Your Weight

If you ever seek for diet help, then you will find water in suggestion list. Water is very essential for our body to keep it proportional and healthy.


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10. Remove Toxin in Your Body

Drinking enough water is not only preventing our body from dehydration, but also remove toxin in our body through urine and sweat.


11. Maintain Dental and Oral Health

In your oral cavity, saliva is produced as self cleaning. To maintain this self cleaning work appropriately, we need to drink enough water everyday to maintain production of saliva and keep our oral health.   Have you drunk enough water today?