Do you smoke?

Have you heard before that cigarette is not good for you?

But, why do you still smoke?


Recent study reveals number of the smoker has reached one billion in the world. Study conducted by IDAI ( The Bond of Indonesia Pediatrician ) shows that cigarette approach teenager and children more and more every day. Based on their research, approximately 50% of teenager 15-19 years old has smoked now. It’s triggered by fact that they don’t recognize further risk behind cigarette for their organ and body and how easy for them to get cigarette on near store.

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Why Smoke Harms Your Organ?

According to The Scientist of Environmental Health in Mount Sinai School of Medicine- Luz Claudio, cigarette contains thousand of additional substance which naturally could not be found in tobacco. When burned, cigarette produce more hazardous chemical substance which very perilous to your health. It contains 70 chemical substance which is very carcinogenic and trigger a cancer.


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What is in cigarette?

  • Arsenic
  • Formaldehyde
  • Hexamine
  • Cadmium
  • Carbon monoxide
  • Many more chemical substance


Carbon monoxide is the same substance you could find in fire extinguisher. Arsenic is found in wood preservatives and rat poison. It is very poisonous for vein, reproduction system and growth. Formaldehyde itself is known as big cause of cancer. Cadmium is active substance in battery and Hexamine is substance you could find in charcoal.

Every of them bring toxic to your body and will kill you in various ways. Cigarette also affect your oxygen flow in your body by seizing hemoglobin which should attach with oxygen stream to the entire body or cyanide which reduce the capability of tissue to utilize the oxygen.


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You may not able to see how your inside organ while you were addicted to cigarette. But you can’t stop your eyes to be the witness of death and chronic disease caused by cigarette. It may not easy to quit, but you have to try. Health is Wealth.