If WhatsApp is in your list of favorite instant messaging, then you need to aware about this news. In their official blog, WhatsApp stated their worry on malware on Third Party Apps. Third-party apps are launched to work with this messaging system. With additional third-party apps, user will get additional add-ons to get more features and nicer interface. This third party called WhatsApp+ ( WhatsApp Plus ), may put users in damage.


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WhatsApp’s User banned 24 hours from using WhatsApp+??

WhatsApp issued an official statement regarding this news :

“Why am I banned for using WhatsApp Plus and how do I get unbanned?

WhatsApp Plus is an application that was not developed by WhatsApp, nor is it authorized by WhatsApp. The developers of WhatsApp Plus have no relationship to WhatsApp, and we do not support WhatsApp Plus. Please be aware that WhatsApp Plus contains source code which WhatsApp cannot guarantee as safe and that your private information is potentially being passed to 3rd parties without your knowledge or authorization.

Please uninstall your application and install an authorized version of WhatsApp from our website or Google Play. After the 24 hour countdown ends you will be able to use WhatsApp”


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Quoted from Ubergizmo, Dr. Moinib Al Rifai, from WhatsApp+ explained that developer now is in progress to fix this problem, although they are not sure about malware or suspicious code in WhatsApp+. He said this matter might only an excuse from WhatsApp to reject the third-party features from other developer. If you have yet tried this apps, WhatsApp + is third-party apps for WhatsApp Android which allow users to customize the interface on their favor, manage theme, font, color and notification. Many of WhatsApp users fond of this third-party apps actually, thus many are disappointed to know they are banned 24hours or more for using this apps.