2015 has just begin and another good news from instant messaging apps. Recently WhatsApp announced has reached number of 30 billion messages sent every day from their active user, which also increased to become 700 million  people in the world. It’s such as good number in growth! They assessed has exceeded 50% in number compare to Short Message Service ( SMS ). The observer believes WhatsApp will slowly dismiss SMS business from our life.


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Ofcom, the office of communication in UK, shown traffic usage of SMS service during 2011 rose shortly, but fell back and has yet to show an improvement. In UK, SMS business is considered as profitable for provider of UK mobile operator. Throughout the year 2013, SMS text messages generate revenues of 40 billion Euros. At that time, the average number SMS text and MMS picture message per person per month is approximately 170, which fell down 57 point from the previous year 2012. After the end of 2013, growth of SMS business is shrinking back in UK. In the future, social network and instant messaging is predicted to be more popular than SMS, as quoted from Benedict Evans, The Analyst and Communication Observer. Well, it seems so easy to see it, right?

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 However, in many place in the world, the intensity of social media and instant messaging has increased from time to time. It’s also triggered by the advance of internet era which could not be dammed. Since 2013 to 2014, WhatsApp has increased number of the user significantly. So, it’s almost good bye to SMS in many countries in the world. Welcome to instant messaging era, everyone!


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