What is migraine? Migraine is critical nervous disorder with variety of involuntary system symptoms. Migraine is like a very bad headache that extremely severe and painful. It can suddenly appear and the pain could last until 48 hours. During your migraine, you will be more sensitive to light, nausea, and vomiting. Migraine is like a combination from intumescences from blood vessel and discharge of chemical around blood vessel and neuron. Arteries which situated closer to skin will expand and release chemical which cause an inflammation, swelling in blood vessel and tremendous headache.


People who suffer from migraine is advised to avoid things and activity which trigger recurrent migraine such as:


  1. Stress

Stress is the main cause of migraine attack. It affects your life style and your rest hours. It leads you to have less time to sleep and less nutrition intake that you very need. If you have a very long day to work, it sounds good to arrange vacation to release yourself.

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  1. Caffeine

Caffeine is one of common migraine triggers. Little caffeine could get rid of migraine actually. Unfortunately, in many cases and study, more caffeine contributes to increase migraine frequency. It’s better to replace your caffeine drink with fruit juice or water.


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  1. Weather

Extreme weather change could lead a sudden migraine. It could happen because everyone has different immune system toward weather change.


  1. Hungry

Late meal affects your digestion system and it’s not good for your health in long term. Let your stomach empty too long will trigger a migraine.


  1. Loud Music

Your ear and head may not tolerate with unnatural loudness sound. Turn on the music with high volume will cause you a migraine which last for 72 hours. If you want to be safe, it’s better to turn on music in normal tune and enjoy it.

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  1. Hypoglycemia

When you consume sweet too much, your body will produce insulin in large portion to rend glucose. As the result, in short time, sugar in your blood will decrease significantly and it trigger a migraine.


  1. Oversleeping

Having extra sleep during your weekend or holiday seems good idea for those who sink into busy daily life. Unfortunately, this actually lead you to feel tired, exhaust and get sudden headache when you awake.


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So, when you know you have migraine, it’s better to avoid those 7 things. Start your day with healthy lifestyle, take enough rest and enjoy your life. This could be so easy.