Do you get excited with dating site? Well, if you have trouble to find a love, then it doesn’t sound too bad to give a try. There are a lot of dating sites these days around internet. You can simply do selection and seek the one that suit for you. A warning, not all dating sites are good and ‘normal’. Some of them are even weird, get you headache and make you laugh.


Are you ready to explore? These are well known as weird and crazy dating site.


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  1. Dead Meet

Motto: “Dead Meet is a dating and networking site for death industry professionals.”

It doesn’t feel so good since the first look. Seriously, this description is true because this site is established for people who work in industry related with death, such as gravediggers, crematorium worker, etc. Should they live within their own community?

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  1. Ashley Madison

Motto: “Life is Short. Have an affair”

It sounds crazy, but this site has worked so long to be in infidelity and married dating. This site is very popular, controversial and crazy. According to brief information on this site, thousands of cheating husband and wife signup everyday to find an affair partner! This place is for those want to play with fire!


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  1. Clown Dating

Motto: “Everybody loves a clown… let a clown love you”

What clowns have in common? They are fun and truly entertainer. Clown Dating state themselves as the right place if you were a clown, a clown wannabe or a clown lover. They claims to have thousands of success matched couples throughout the world. Their site looks friendly and easier to use for everyone. Would you interested to try?



  1. Singles With Food Allergies

Single With Food Allergies ( SWFA ) is specifically for single or divorce man/woman who want to find partner who affected by food allergies. This is for you who want to find person in the same boat with you to talk each other and understand each other. If you and your partner are both affected with food allergies, it believed to have good understanding in housewife.

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  1. Sea Captain Date

Sea Captain was launched on 2007. This dating site is dedicated to the sailor to meet their soulmate. This site is specifically for those who love the ocean.


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  1. Beautiful People

Motto : “Online dating for beautiful people only”

The purpose of this site is to be the container for beautiful women and men to meet up and find their perfect couple. They don’t allow ugly people to join for they want to make an elite club and exclusive community. Applicant members are required to send their photos pre registration to be voted by existing member of the opposite sex. If you are voted beautiful and handsome by majority, then you will be successfully become member of this site.


  1. Ugly Schmucks

Ugly Schmucks is the opposite of Beautiful People. This site is for those who want to meet their love with personality based than appearance. Message from this site: if you are an ugly schmucks, you don’t need to be worry, what matter is not your appearance, it is your inner beauty. So if you feel like you are not handsome or pretty, you still have big chance to meet your soul mate who doesn’t judge  you from your look.


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If you have any experience with dating site and feel challenged with one of those above sites, there is nothing wrong to give a try. Otherwise, if you just want normal dating site, don’t let them make you feel like a stranger lol.