People can get enough vitamin D at ease actually. We can get it through fish oil, food supplement and sunlight. Food contributes approximately 20% vitamin D for our body, according to Catherine Collins from St. George hospital, London. She also added, most of vitamin D distributed by the exposure of sunlight, approximately 80% or more. Unfortunately, sometimes people are too busy with their daily activities so they don’t get enough exposure of the sunlight. However, vitamin D deficiency could harm their health.

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  1.  Depression

Vitamin D contains neurotransmitter serotonin, a supplement which grows an excitement in our body. The research about this has been published on 1998.


  1.  Multiple Sclerosis ( MS )

Multiple Sclerosis ( MS ) is inflammation occurred in brain and spinal cord. MS most attacks people who live far away from equator and expose with less sunlight. This correlation has conducted by various research before.


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  1. Bone Pain

Vitamin D is very essential for your bone. It helps our body to absorb calcium to bone. Vitamin D deficiency will increase risk of osteoporosis. Thus, the exposure of sunlight is more than just necessary. Especially, kids on age of 6 months until five years must get enough vitamin D to support their growth in important step.


  1.  Increase Dementia Risk

According to research conducted by dr. Llewelyn from University of Exeter Peninsula Medical School, people who consumed enough vitamin D only have 42% risk for dementia. Otherwise, those who lack of vitamin D will have multiple risks approximately up to 394%. This increase dementia risk is also followed by Alzheimer risk.

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