There is still no sign of acknowledging gay marriage by Vatican, but in occasions, Vatican has clearly instructed to treat gay people with respect. The Vatican has exhorted this to a historic sex and relationship conference this autumn.


In the even, Bishops from all over the world will meet in Roma in October to appraise church philosophy in controversial object. The topic would be bit sensitive and touch common issues in real life.


Quoted from Daily Mail, it mention that Vatican said: “’Every person, regardless of their sexual orientation, must be treated with respect, and welcomed with sensitivity and politeness, both in the church as well as in society”.


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It stated that people should give every gays and their family such as support and special attention. We should no longer question too much on gay relationship or marriage. They still reject to make a recognition on this matter though. As archbishop of Budapest Cardinal Erdo told a press influence that giving special attention is not recognition. “Attention and recognition are two different things”, said him.

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“Marriage is only between a man and a woman and must be open to procreation. But this does not mean that anyone should be marginalized”, said him even more.


Pope Francis previously often seen as tolerant after giving flat response to a question about gay priests. In an interview, he shortly said “who am I to judge?”.

Pope Francis, Pastoral

Pope Francis, (c)


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It refers as the Bible where marriage is about woman and man. In matter of disorder sex orientation, they have no idea, but to treat with respect.


As we know, The Catholic Church is recently at battle over for the greater admission of homosexual. Some Churches has good toleration, but some other churches on the other part of earth contra on this. The African Church supposedly more conservative and tend to opposed in this matter.


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In previous part of the sex and relationship conference took place last October, it was marked by screwy openness to gays, with an interim document saying they had prize to offer the Church and the partnerships team provide them nice support in many ways. Back to that moment, unfortunately on the different side, from conservative perspective, it’s not easily acceptable and it reap an outcry which struck out of the final paper.


This ahead conference in Roma will appraise the controversial issues such as marriage, remarried, divorce and homosexuality.


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Following gathering input from ordinary Catholics, academics and bishops, the synod organizers stated there was common agreement in the document about the need to offer divorced and civil remarried Catholic for the good life and forgiveness therapy.