Men are everywhere, but love is very hard to find

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How true is that saying for you? You could be one of those who get confuse finding the ideal guy for you. One handsome guy may not enough because you have couple of criteria he couldn’t complete. One smartest at class may too boring for you since he is only busy with his book and don’t know how to make you smile. Well, forget about your boyfriend criteria list, because this article may help you to identify who are among guys around you which is not ideal at the first start. Here are 10 type of men are not ideal to be your friend:


1.    Narcissistic Guy

Well, everybody love selfie these days. But I’m sure you will feeling weird to caught him busy with mirror to manage his hair and appearance more than you doing it. He may think he is so sexy and handsome, but you know exactly the way he does it makes him not sexy at all.


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2.    Starving Artist

Those street artists who patiently wait to see his band or art ogled by big company should do anything else too to make a life. At first you may think you could be his biggest supporter and will be his best friend to reach the top. Until one day you get tired to know he doesn’t try anything else to make you deserve a happier situation. Even worse, on 40 years old, he still busy with his band and strongly believe he will be successful ‘someday’. In this time, you start to wondering when this ‘someday’ will become.


3.    Metro-sexual Guy

He love to manage his appearance. He wears the best perfume, the best lotion to nourish his skin, manage his hair very well and so perfectionist on his foot wear, clothes, accessories, etc. He spends the same period of time like you do to dress up and spoil himself to salon. He also loves opera soap and doesn’t mind to watch that repetitive story. He knows the best place to do manicure or choose the best lipstick for you. It’s nice when it’s normal, but how do you sure that he is not a gay??

couple, love, boyfriend, relationship, dating, boyfriend



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4.    Mr. Bossy

No matter he is boss in real life, a man should know how to treat woman and be a real man. Would you like to have a boyfriend who wants you work harder than he does to you? Would you like to carry his suitcase while she should do the opposite? Would you like to work twice more than other women did while your husband just busy playing his PSP? Oh, come on..don’t let this happen in the future, girl!


5.    Casanova Boy

Casanova boy is the true romancer who strongly believes in love, got engaged couple of time that you couldn’t count with one hand and he always believes his next is his true love. Well, you know he is just like sweaty guy as you’ve seen on romance movie to melt you down in second. On the other side, he is typical man who easily falls in love over and over again with difference women. He will take you to heaven and bring you down later. Ah, wake up!


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6.    The Brilliant Professor

Oh yeah, you meet the genius man that will rock your world! He will talk in hours about astronomy, moon, space, biology, etc. This typical guy is the one you can show off to your friend, but your joy will not be forever. Most of time, when it’s your turn to speak your philosophy, you may never be right enough in his eyes.


7.    Stalker

You don’t have to explain him what you did with your friend because he had known it before. He knows every little thing about you –every event at your school, name all of your ex, and he memories all of your friend’s contact very well, remember it’s not only sign that he cares to you. It could be sign that he is very possessive to you. Possessive is never good, especially when you enter serious phase of your relationship. He will give you a threat!


8.    You think He is The Right Man on First Met

You drink too much if you think you can recognize your right man as you listen to the right love song on the first met. Come on, true love lis not what you watch on theater. You need to know him deeply to know whether he is your right man or not. It’s not that easy for your heart to decide it, except you never have another choice or less experience.


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9.    He is Your very Best Friend

Yes, many people marry to her/him boyfriend. But you need to think hundred times before you decide to get together with your bestie as something more serious than ‘friendship’. If you believe he is your last love, you can go with him/ her because marry to best friend could make the best relationship. But if you still not sure, please don’t ruin the friendship you’ve built in years. Your feeling would never be the same anymore!


10.  ‘Strange’ Foreigner

It’s cool to date with foreigner as your friend said. It’s always interesting to meet Prince Charming who comes from different culture and country. He has many things to make you falling in love and you will have your pride improved. Though, it will be meaningless if you only use it as way to have fun only. It’s also ridiculous if you don’t know that he want to marry you just to trick immigration rule and get stay permit. Make sure you know your foreign man if you want to go with him.