Technology has done great to change many things. It brings the good when things get easier and easier now. Technology is an effective way to change the work method. So at the same time, it makes a significant change in labor market. In the future, there are job done by human will be replaced by electric and digital technology. Few months ago has released job list which tend to disappear after the advanced growth of digital technology. Check this out:


  1. Tax Auditor

Technology could make tax auditor disappear. They make company use software that arranges to do the same function like Tax Auditor to reduce the cost. In the future, the company doesn’t require many employees in every sub division.


  1. Meter Reader

In 2012, inserts Meter Reader as one of the worst job. We rarely meet Meter Reader these days after technology shift to electronic method or Automatic Meter Reading ( AMR ).

future job, technology, meter reader, AMR

Meter reader job may disappear in the future/ (c) Pixabay


  1. Wood Cutter

This job may not popular anymore these days. The demand of paper is decreased and it affects the manufacture. Moreover, Woodcutter also has been replaced by the machine which works more efficient.


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  1. Travel Agent

We can see the difference between now and few years ago in tourism sector. Few years ago, we rely on travel agent and travel service to arrange our travel and even to reserve us flight ticket and hotel voucher. These days, we can reserve the flight ticket in minutes without hesitate. Booking online ( hotel and flight ) is now more and more popular. We can reach our destination by doing research on internet and social media. In 21 century, tourism industry will grow faster supported by online tourism service. We can arrange the travel and plan our vacation ourselves!


  1. Farmer

Farmer is exist, but farming technology has increased sharply. Now, farmer use fewer workers on their farm. Technology helps them to harvest more with less cost.


  1. Drilling and Boring Machine Operator

Technology also affects manufacture industry. In the future, manufacture only need fewer drilling and boring machine operator.


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  1. Post Office

We no longer rely on mail paper like few years ago. Social media and technology advanced are the reason to make an instant communication and cheap.


  1. Printing Officer

Paper is only technology on 19th and 20th century, as quoted from The awareness that using more paper will result in waste and more trees cut down have reduce the demand of hard copy printing. People also tend to read information and news on digital model through their gadget or computer for instance.


  1. Newspaper Reporter

How many of you still buy a newspaper every day? Newspaper is still part of our wonderful life. Unfortunately, the subscriber has decreased significantly. Event some newspaper companies has collapsed and turn to Online Website Portal. Most Newspaper Reporter has switched to Multimedia Journalism and become Online reporter.


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      10. Flight Attendant/ Stewardess

Stewardess job would be decreased in number in the future as the anticipation to cut operational budget of the airline. With fewer flights, number of stewardess will be lessen too.

future job, technology, flight, travel

(c) Pixabay