Protein is one of essential nutrient that we need to keep our metabolism running, our energy up and our blood sugar levels stable. Moreover, this nutrient intake is also beneficial to produce and accelerate function of enzymes and hormones and provides cellular and muscular health.

The importance of getting enough protein can not be underestimated. The nutritionist, Lisa Guy, has helped us to share list of the 20 best food highest in protein to complete you healthy life

1. Fish
Salmon fish is one of the best fish to provide protein intake. This fish not only provides high levels of healthy omega-3 essential fatty acid and iodine, but also rich in protein. Per 85gram serving of salmon, it contains approximately 19gram of protein.

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2. Turkey
You will get approximately 26gram of protein in every 85gram breast of turkey, including the amino acid tryptophan to help you getting comfortable sleeping.

turkey, meat, protein

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3. Chicken
Similar with Turkey, chicken contains 26gram of protein in every 85gram breast of roast chicken. It’s also rich in zinc to improve your immune system.

chicken, wing, grill

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4. Pork
Pork is excellent source of thiamine, and vitamin B which has major role in proten, fat metabolism and carbs. In 85gram of cooked pork, it has 16gram of protein.

pork, meat, grill

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5. Lamb
In every 85gram serving, lamb provides 23gram of protein. Lamb is also great source of haem-iron to increase red blood cell production and boost your energy levels.

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6. Lentils
As vegetable, lentils is great source of amino acids. It has 9gram of protein in ever 100grams or ½ cup of cooked lentils. Moreover, it also makes healthy cholesterol levels and iron to accelerate oxygen around the body.

lentils, protein

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7. Eggs
Egg is known as great source of vitamin D, which is very good to support bone health and prevent chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease and cancer. As good protein source, you will have 6gram of protein in every one large egg.

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8. Seeds
Sunflower seeds provide 6gram of protein in every 28gram serving. This food is also good source of zinc which is very good for man’s reproductive health.

sun flower, seeds

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9. Prawn
In ever 6 medium prawns or 36gram serving, you will get 6gram of protein. More benefit, Prawn is good for production of thyroid hormone because it has good dose of iodine.

prawn, shrimp, protein, seafood

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10. Raw Nuts
Not only loaded with unsaturated fats and calcium, raw nuts is also rich in protein. In every 28gram of serving, almond provides 6gram of protein.

almond, nut, raw, seed

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11. Cheese
It contains 7gram of protein in every one slice of cheddar cheese. Cheese is also rich in calcium and vitamin D to support your growth.

cheese, grated

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12. Kefir
Kefir is good source of probiotic goodness to improve your digestion. As protein source, kefir provides approximately 11grams of protein in every one cup of plain kefir.

kefir, protein

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13. Avocado
Avocado is known rich in good fat, monounsaturated fats to maintain cardiovascular’s health and cholesterol level. This fruit also has high level of beta-carotene which is good to improve your immune system. In every 100gram serving of avocado, it has 2gram of protein.

avocado, fruit

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14. Spirulina
One table spoon of spirulina powder or approximately 5gram serving, contains 2.2gram protein. Spirulina is one of superfood to make addition is vegetarian diet. This foods is also good source of iron, which is very good to prevent iron deficiency and anemia.

Spirulina, algae, healthy food, superfood

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15. Protein Powder
Protein powder is one of the best way to fulfill your need of daily protein intake, that you can add to your smoothies and breakfast cereals. In every 25gram of brown rice protein powder, you can get 20gram of protein, and you can get 17,5gram of protein in every 25gram of whey based protein powder.

protein powder

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16. Tofu
Tofu is rich in protein and vitamin B. In 126gram of hard tofu, you can get 20gram of protein.

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17.Cow’s Milk
Cow’s milk is good intake of bone building because it’s rich in calcium, vitamin D and protein. In one cup of low-fat milk, it provides 8gram of animal protein.

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18. Grainy Bread
26gram of multi-grain bread is packed with 3gram of protein, enough dietary fiber  and vitamin B which is vital for nervous system health and boost your energy.

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19. Quinoa
Quinoa is loaded with dietary fiber, zinc and high protein. In every one cup, it provides 8gram of protein which make it becomes excellent source of protein.

quinoa, protein

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20. Yogurt
Yogurt is excellent source of good bacteria to accelerate your digestion functioning and improve your immune system. Yogurt is also one of most popular protein source for it provides 9gram of protein in every one cup serving of plain full-fat yogurt.

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