Musician is one of promising career in entertainment. Their wonderful voice reverberate all over the world and they have very opportunity to fatten their bank account. Some singers are popular as best and richer than others for their impressive performance and journey. So, let’s check out list of the top 10 richest singer in 2015 based on Top10For.


10. Pink

Pink is popular as one of most energetic and talented singer from Australia. The singer of ‘Get The Party Started’ has great global reputation and release many albums throughout her carrier and sold millions albums worldwide. It’s not surprise to see her on the list of top 10 richest singers in 2015. She accumulates approximately US$115 million on her bank account and it’s still growing!

PInk, richest singer


9. Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg is very popular rapper who knows how to maintain his career and business. No wonder he sits on number 9 based on Top10For as one of the richest singer in the world. His total fortunes is estimated at about US$135 millions.

Snoop Dogg, rapper, richest singer

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8. 50 Cents

50 Cents starts his career since 1990. He is not only popular creative rapper with many hits, but also known as great business man. US$ 140 millions on his bank account is an evidence that he has been a success singer during his career.

50 Cents, rapper, richest singer

7. Eminem

Yeah, another rapper dominates this list. Eminem might be annoying for some people, but still, he is one of the most favourite and one of the best rapper for the last 12 years in music industry. He has total net worth of US$160 for his fabulous work.

Eminem, rapper, richest singer

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6. Lady Gaga

People always love her existence. In global music industry, her career moves very fast. She is very popular in quit short time for her ‘easy-listening’ song and ‘unique’ style. She collects net worth approximately US$230 to show her success.

lady gaga

5. Jon Bon Jovi

Everyone knows Bon Jovi and Jon Bon Jovi as the lead singer of that American rock band. Their band has active for more than thirty years and became a very phenomenal in period of time. They have at least 13 hits on the US top 40 songs with their most popular song. His fortune is estimated US$300 millions.

Jon Bon Jovi, richest singer

4. Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez or J-Lo is more than just singer. She is such as complete celebrity, because she is also a famous actress, record producer, dancer and fashion designer. She also has her own clothing and perfume brand to make her as success business woman. To date, her fortune is estimated at about US$300 million.

jennifer lopez

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3. Sir Elton John

Sir Elton John is one of the most talented musician in the world. He is great in singing, playing piano, and also as composer. He is one of the richest man in UK and worldwide. His fortune is estimated at about US$450 millions.

Elton John

2. Jay Z

Jay Z ranked on number 2 because his fortune reaches US$560 millions. He gets his fortune from his album which sold millions worldwide, tour concert and his business.

Jay-Z, richest singer

1. Madonna

Who doesn’t know Madonna? She started her career since 1980s and destined to reach all of her glory. She has three wonderful decades in music industry with 300 million records and millions album sold to make her has a net worth of US$800 millions based on Top10For. Awesome!

madonna, richest singer


Who is your favorite among this list?