I know that vegetable peeler help so much. Though, it’s actually still a lot of work. If you can peel your potatoes in very shorter time, does it sound interesting?


You can do another chores with no faffing about anymore. And the credit and thanks to YouTuber Dave Hax for sharing his potato wizard to us. You don’t have to feel like an age anymore to peel the spuds. You don’t need vegetable peeler anymore because all you have to do is boiling, cooling and pulling the skin off.


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Check out the video :


Here’s step by step to peel potato in seconds

  1. Use your sharp knife to run the blade around the middle of the potato. Do it carefully and make sure it doesn’t cut too deep like you see on the video.
  2. put the spuds in a pan and pour the water
  3. Cook them on stove with medium fuel
  4. Turn off the stove, drain the water away from the pan
  5. Run the spuds under cold water
  6. You can pull the skin away at ease


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It’s so tricky, isn’t it? Try this at home and tell us how this help you in many ways.