Who wants to be millionaire?

Everyone wants to get rich and richer. Normally, somebody would not reject the offer to be a millionaire. When you are Millionaire, life seems to be wonderful and easier. Whatever you want, you can get it in seconds. When you are too lazy, there will be someone to serve you.


Though, many of Millionaires are not suddenly rich man. They may start it from zero, passed the hard moments in their life and learn how to improve. What you see now is their success. You don’t see their pain and how hard their struggle was. Well, it’s not bad as long as you want to find out and learn from them. The Millionaire, most of them has wonderful habit, like manage their money wisely. Quoted from Lifehack.org, these are how the Millionaire manages their money:


1. Knowing ‘Wants’ and ‘Need’

It’s important to distinguish whether it’s wants or needs. Sometimes people spend too much to get what they want and forget to spend more on Need and Saving. Lifestyle, trend and advertisement is big temptation for modern people to allocate their money.

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2. Counting Before Debt

Debt is burdens. Rich men understand that too much debt gives them less security. Thus, they will count on before debt to understand pattern of disbursement from their salary.


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3. Income is Greater than Expenditure

Rich man doesn’t like to spend money bigger than his salary. Infestation and Saving will make them feeling safe than anything


4. Love Compare and Count

Rich man love to compare and to count when they have to spend their money. They like to buy cheaper price after comparing some good products in a row. Sometimes people from the middle-class head of expensive product for the shake of the pride. Well, you can opt a better purchasing now.


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5. Open for Suggestion

To get big advantage in their financial management, rich men have no doubt to get help from colleague or family. Thus, they are close with financial adviser to help them manage their money. Don’t be too shy to ask the expert. They will show you the way.

money, millionaire, rich man, how to be rich