Every kids are unique. They are blessed with talent and creativity since born. Yet, some people think negatively that many kids are an inborn talent just because they don’t show the symptom. When see this, parent don’t usually give support to help them develop but tend to leave it up to school or fate will guess.


Kids have strength and weakness of intelligence and creativity. Some have more than other and some have less. Things that parent should do is being their biggest supporter and best friend to help them finding out what suit for them. Creativity couldn’t measure by the same bucket between one child to another child. Creativity is wide, so when you don’t see the symptom, help them find theirs.


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Creativity is a core skill should be developed for kids. It’s one of key to reach success in the future. Creativity is not all about one common stuff like good at panting or musical only. Being creative means they could be more flexible and become good problem solver which make them easier to adapt to technological advance and change. They could take new opportunity, know innovation and the right time of taking advantages.

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Parent and environment have great role to make great childhood experience that impairs children creativity development. We provide them an educational TV program, story telling book, educative toys, introduce them to images, and sounds to digg their creativity. From that, they will have idea to create their fun game, draw a colossal scene or learning another new.


If you need some ideas to foster creativity in your children, this will actually help you in many ways:

  • Give Them Some Times

Children need resources for their creative expression. In this term, it’s a time. They need quit enough time for unstructured, child-directed and imaginative game which not interfere by adult direction. It doesn’t have to commercial stuff. Let your children explore themselves and all you have to do is watching from distance.


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  • They are Small, but They Need Space too

Beside time, space is also a resource to dig children creativity. To see mess everywhere may be so annoying for you, so it’s time to find win-win solution. Ah, what about to provide them a special room? It’s a place where they could create their mess and enjoy it like their own authority. They can play Legos, painting and do more games on their favor.


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  • Gift Strategy

Children love present. Present or gift is like reward. You can give it to them anytime they do a ‘good job’. But, don’t give usual job or something easy. Building material, unique costumes, art supplies or other creative gift would make a great choice! Though, every case is different. This gift strategy may not work for some children and interrupt their creativity soul.


  • Create Warm and Creative Atmosphere at Home

It’s not enough to have them own space. It’s good to have warm and creative atmosphere at home. Parent would have important role to actuate children to creative and educative activity. Dinner time sounds perfect time to collect idea and brainstorm the mission. Let your children speak their idea on what to do on the upcoming weekend. If the ideas are not suit in your perspective, don’t say a judgement or disagree. Put your head together and focus to enjoy process of creative activities to do with children and family.


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  • Encourage The Failure

Kids often make mistake that make them feeling bad sometimes. Naturally, it also make them fear to do the same attempt or give another try. When it happen, stay with them closer and share your past experience that you have failed too and it’s not bad. Make them understand that failure is not bad thing. Encourage them often and make them feel better.

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  • Give Them Freedom

Yes, freedom is very important to help them develop in the talent they have. Freedom let them doing big exploration of ideas which lead them to become creative people. When they do this, they will find passion, spirit, brave and responsibility of themselves.


  • Celebrate Innovation and Creativity & Inspire Them

Do not forget to praise your kids for each new achievement. You also can share various story to enhance of their way of thinking. You can cover their walls with art or sticker animation that excite them. You can tell them the bed time story or an architecture or photography. Of course you no need to be too serious, it’s just time of celebration. By doing that, you can also stimulate them to understand the picture or curious to learn reading.


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  • Let Them Express Different Thought

If they disagree with your ideas, let them express their own idea. Never try to make them feeling bad for each disagreement. It will kill them. When they can express their ideas and disagreement, they learn to be one problem solver in the future.



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