Technology has important role for human life these days. They make life easier and everything get faster. Unfortunately, coincide with technology advance; it contributes in disappearing and decreasing of human capabilities. We have replaced some activities that we used to do ourselves with technology sophistication. We rely on everything to our Smartphone, computer, cctv, printer, pda, etc.


Make a Fire

Yes, we still can use traditional matches though it’s rarely to use anymore after lighters. But, if we lost both matches and lighter, can we still make a fire like traditional human years ago? In ancient time, people rely on steel, flint, wood or using other primitive ways to make a fire. Only few people who still able to use very traditional way to make a fire nowadays, though it looks so easy when we watch them on television.

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We easily get tired now to write long paragraph. It’s easier to type on keyboard and touch letter in our Smartphone than using our hand to move pen in a paper. We also find it hard to write legal letter or writing in organized form because technology has provide enough for us and we only need little editing to finish it.


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Checking The Fact

People used to use various books, dictionary and literature to get information and dig a fact. Those are reviewed by the expert and the content is already ascertained the truth. After emergence of internet era, people rely on internet to get information they looking for. In fact, you can’t rely on internet as trustworthy source. Many of websites are wrote randomly without examined by the expert. Even worse, there are a lot of copy paste content between one website to another website which once again cannot be guarantee whether it’s trustworthy or not. If you still want to use internet as your source, it would be better if you use more than three sources to get relevant information.


Walking Properly

Walking properly here is walking the right way without busy with your cell phone, mp3 or other gadget stuff or often called “distracted walking”. This phenomenon creates more accident risk similar like driving. According to study, since 2010, approximately 1500 pedestrians entered hospital emergency room due to “distracted walking”.



How many of you using navigation feature on Smartphone? GPS/ Navigation is now one of most favorite feature. It helps you to find a place you looking for. If you are dependence to this tool, it will make you get lost once your GPS suddenly shut down. Furthermore, our capabilities in reading map, memorize place and instinct to point a direction will slowly decrease.


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Communicate with Other

The situation is getting colder and colder when you sit with stranger in a bus. Both of you is like create a new wall because don’t talk each other, don’t look around and only look down busy with your Smartphone. Before gadget era, person who sits next to you in the bus can be your fun friend chat while waiting your destination to come. It seems like technology make those who far get close, and make who close get further.

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There are a lot of calculator applications that you can download easily and freely. They help you to solve mathematic problem, start from custom calculation to complicated calculation. After you leave school bench, manual calculation is not easy for you unless you use certain application.


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Memorize Phone Number

Simply, you can use phone book in your Smartphone to manage all of your contact. For many people, it’s no longer necessary to memorize phone number anymore. Thus, if they lost their phone, it feels like a very disaster for them. You may not able to memorize many phone numbers, but memorize some or at least five people closest to you is required.


Leaving Technology

There is time when people should sit together to laugh and talk each other. It’s time to leave your Smartphone behind and enjoy quality time with your family. Unfortunately, even in your dining table, you only see your sister and parent are enjoying meals while looking down to their phone’s screen and smile while texting or chatting online. It’s different when human still understand how to leave technology for a while and put their life at first. And hey, this is very sad!

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