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What makes a man look attractive to a woman? If you think become gorgeous and rich is enough to attract them, well, this could be wrong. In modern days, women have been more independent financially and mature about their love life. It’s not only find good looking and rich guy that matter most for them. Man should have ability to attract woman’s attention. They should have some skill to lure their girl and win competition among other men.


These are men’s skill that fascinates women as quoted from various sources by Whedan.com:

  1. Cooking

Stop thinking kitchen as woman’s domain. Kitchen is a family spot which can involve both wife and husband. For women, man with cooking skill is more sexy than those who order his wife to serve him meal only. You don’t have to be master chef to win her heart, but you can start learning cooking from now and from simplest thing on cooking. It will amaze her when you serve her dinner you’ve cooked by yourself.


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  1. Dance

Dancing showing another side of a guy: elegant and romantic. Every woman love to be treated like a queen and dancing can be your first step to reach her.


  1. Playing Music Instrument

Don’t ask why many girls love musician and scream loudly when watching their concert. Man who can playing music instrument is looking cool and awesome. You can try this in your first date and let’s see how she looks so happy when you do it for her!

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  1. Good on Sport & Athletic Body

67% girls are fond of to see men get sweat after doing exercise. Good sport is showing your masculine and it will make them feel comfort and proud when they are next to you. Especially when you have athletic body, woow, it’s a temptation for her to never ignore you.

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6. Good on Craft Work

Man who good on craft work is reliable man to be a partner in facing difficult situation. It’s really an additional value. For woman, it’s not easy to find this quality on every man.


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 7. Love Kids

Woman believes that man who loves kids will make a good father for her future family. For mature woman, it’s very essential for her because she knows her choice will affect her life in the future.

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8. Self Defense

Man with self defense will make woman feel comfort and protected. They believe this man will do the best to protect her from all possibly crime and civilian.


9. Speak in Foreign Language

Man who able speaks in foreign language is clever man that makes a woman feeling proud being with him. Especially, learning foreign language is not easy and it really takes time and effort.


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10. Communication and Hospitality

Your facial expression, your hospitality and the way you communicate with other will steal her attention. Communication skill can come naturally or you can learn it during experiences. It will make a man look more mature, smarter and wiser in appearance and environment.


11. Skill in Bed

Sex is necessities of life. Woman doesn’t like man who sexually passive which can result in affair and dissatisfaction. So, skill in bed, though many women are too shy to confess it, this is one of the indicators to make an attractive man.