Sport is not only about game and attraction, but also a modern business and promising career. Many athletes become rich and richer after improve their performance and become ‘actor’ of the game. They earn very high salary for their talent and contribution, and also endorse popular brand. Even for the great athlete, money flows like a fountain. Does it sound so good? Forbes has released recent news about the highest paid athlete in the world. Who are they? Let’s check out the list below!


1. Floyd Mayweather

Floyd Mayweather, athlete, boxer

People also called him as Floyd “The Best Ever” Mayweather Jr. He was born on February 24, 1977 in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He is the best American professional boxer and the best boxer in the world. He has won five division world champion, ten world titles and the lineal championship in four different weight classes. His total earning is about $105 million and it’s such as fantastic number!


2. Cristiano Ronaldo

cristiano ronaldo, ronaldo, CR7

Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro is more than just the soccer super star. The Real Madrid’s forwarder has won three Ballon d’Or to prove his fabulous performance in field. He is very popular too as celebrity to endorse couple of world brand commercials like Nike, Samsung, Toyota and Emirates. His total earning is $80! Woow!

lebron james

3. Lebron James

LeBron Raymone James plays with Cleveland Cavaliers of the NBA ( National Basket Association ) as forwarder. This 30 years old guy rank third on the world highest paid athletes list with total earning of $72.3 every year.


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Lionel Messi, Barcelona

4. Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi has won four Ballon d’Or titles, one title more than Cristiano Ronaldo who gain higher total earning. Messi is the captain for the Argentina national team and plays as forwarder for one of the biggest soccer club in the world, FC Barcelona. He also endorses popular brand including Adidas, Herbalife, Gilette, PepsiCo, Electronic Arts, and TurkishAirline. His total earning is $64.7.


5. Kobe Bryant

Kobe Bryant is second basket player to become the richest in the world. The athlete who plays as shooting guard for Los Angeles Lakes has total earning $61.,5 millions.

Kobe Bryant

6. Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods is an American professional golfer who is known as one of most successful player of all time. For several years, he is known as one of the highest-paid athletes in the world with earning $61.2 million.

Tiger Woods


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7. Roger Federrer

Roger Federer

Roger Federrer may not be the best tennis player anymore since Novak Djokovic take over his place from ranking world no. 1 to no 2. Though, many commentators and players still regard him as the greatest tennis player of all time compare to other tennis player. Total earning of handsome athlete who was born on August 8, 1981 is $56.2 millions.


Phil Mickelson

8. Phil Mickelson

Phil Mickelson is professional golfer just like Tiger Woods. He has won 42 events on the PGA Tour -including three Master titles, one PGA Championship and an Open Championship. For his performance, every year he earns $53.2 million every year.


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9. Rafael Nadal

Rafael Nadal is currently sitting no. 3 in tennis world rank. He is very good player and popular as “The King of Clay” for his very well performance as clay court player. The total earning of the Spanish tennis player is $44.5 million.

Rafael Nadal

10. Matt Ryan

Matt RyanMatt Ryan ranked at no 10 with total earning $43.8 million from salary and endorsement. The 29 years old guy is an American professional football quarterback for the Atlanta Falcons of the National Football league.