If you like discover many places, enjoy vacation and experience your wonderful life, shopping centre might be one of your favorite too. Shopping is part of life and it’s a necessity. Shopping is also considered as promising business for the provider or the owner. Thus, many Shopping Center are designed not only to provide goods and services, but also offer entertainment and refreshment. Don’t get surprise when you find some malls are very expensive and fabulous. They are also main tourism destination for people who fond of branded and expensive product. They want your money, they love your money! And these are the top five most expensive malls in the world. Dare yourself to come!


  • Mall of The Emirates ( UEA )

Dubai is city of fabulous mall. Mall of The Emirates is queen of the most fabulous mall on Dubai and UEA. It has more than 700 costive boutiques, 90 restaurants and cafes, and 14 big screen theater studios, including 4D theater, race simulator and some thrilling games arena.Mall of The Emirates also has indoor ski area named Ski Dubai and DUCTAC ( Dubai Community Theatre and Arts Centre ). Does it sound so gooodd??I believe it would be one of your most memorable momentto spend some times on that mall and waste your money –sure!

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  • Canal City ( Japan )

    Canal City is sophisticated mall located on Fukuoka, Japan. This canal was build surrounded by long canal and wide green space. It’s not only for people who fond of shopping, but also for those who want to enjoy nice view and water fountain around mall while sitting down peacefully. There are hundreds of famous boutique in this shopping center, theaters, entertainment arena, concert venue and exhibition venue. The whole of fifth floor in Canal City called “Ramen Stadium” because of many ramen ( noodles ) merchant with various flavors. You should give a try!

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    • The Okhotny Ryad Center ( Rusia )

    The Okhotny Ryad Center in Moscow has hundreds of luxurious boutiques, start from Tommy Hilfinger to Yves Rocher. Well, it’s not the single reason why travellers loves this place so much, guys.This mall is very famous with it beautiful architecture, which is the collaboration of Russian style and Modern Western architecture. The unique thing, this mall is underground with big water fountain in the middle of building to become a phenomenon.The top of the building is glasses domelying side by side with underground train station.

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  • Ala Moana Shopping Center ( Hawaii )


    Hawaii is one of most favorite tourist destination in the world. Most people who have visited Hawaii must have visited AlaMoana Shopping Center. This mall is the center of biggest outdoor mall in the world.It’s one of favorite destination in Honolulu, besides the beauty of exotic beach on that place. This mall has more than 300 sophisticated boutiques and local art stores. Ala Moana also has outdoor stage, which used to be hula show every day.AlaMoana is such as complete entertainment shopping mall.


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    • Villagio( Qatar )

    Villagio is located in Doha city. This shopping mall is very big and designed to look like Venice ( Venezia- Italia ) with it canal view. Travellers could visit hundreds of expensive boutiques along with artificial canal and enjoy the gondola –like they were in Venice!.Villagio is like two different time zone. In one side the visitors could feel like at night of Venice. And in other chances, they could feel like enjoying the morning atmosphere of Venice. It also has roller coaster indoor and many challenging games arena. It’s cool, isn’t it?

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    Do you love vacation? You might visit one of these luxurious malls someday to fulfill your passion and to enjoy your holiday. You will have no regret!