Most men never know how to show his emotion. Even, they can’t be so expressive most of time like women did. When they have certain feeling to a girl, they can’t stop thinking of that girl, but the worse, sometimes they still manage to pretend there is nothing and act so cool at front.


It’s different with woman. Woman is more sensitive about the feeling. When woman falls in love, they will look so happier and excited with that guy. Sometimes she could look more aggressive to giving the signs. For guy, it’s so easy to identify a woman falls in love with them.

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But, how do you know a guy falls in love with you? Yes, most of them don’t give a sign. But, don’t get confuse, because even he doesn’t tell you immediately how much he madly adores you, perhaps he gives off signs showing he falls for you. This following will help you out:


  • He Sends Stupid Message

When he falls for you, he sends ‘love drunk’ text message for you. He has nothing to speak to you, but just trying to get attention like telling what was happen to you last year on the music festival or tell you that his dog loves his meal. It’s like he text you, “I remember you look so beautiful on music festival last year” or “Crown very loves his new food, I think he will look so fat very soon”. Do you think it’s strange message?


  • He Calls You so Often

Men doesn’t always like to call somebody, except for emergencies and necessary. So, if he calls you just to listen to your voice and have some short conversation with you on day or night, it means he miss you. It seems to be his first step to approach you!


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  • He Ignore Another Girl for You

If he used to text another girl or do flirting, but suddenly he quite from all of that stuff and just divert his attention to you, it really means something. It’s not easy for a guy to do that, so it’s really serious signal that you really snatch his world.


  • He Ask You for a Style Advice

If he ask various question for his look and anything about him, it means you are so important for you right now. Man doesn’t usually ask this kind of stuff to a girl except he is in love drunk!