Thai Life Insurance is one of most popular insurance company in Thailand. Not only about their insurance & health product, they are also more known due to commercial ads. People said their commercial ads is the saddest commercial ever. They often reveal inspirational and emotional story which seems very possible happening to everybody around us. It leaves you in tears and breathless for a while after watching that commercial ads.


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One of their latest ads are “Silence of Love”. The story line of this commercial ads is about relationship between father and daughter. The daughter hates his father because he is not like other father who can speak and listen, Her father is deaf since born. This father is proud father and he will try anything to make his daughter happy. He is just sorry that he is not like other father whose her friends had. This girl feels embarrassed about his father until point where his father gives his life to save her soul. She cried for she feels very big love that her father gave to her.



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This commercial ads is reminder for everyone to show our love and attention to our loved one. They may not perfect for us, they are weak and have flaws, but we never know how much they love us unconditionally. Love is intangible, but it’s like the wind, we can feel it possess in our hearth chamber.