Color is one important element in psychology. It gives different impression in design and describes meaning about something. Moreover, color also determines human behavior and emotion, like anger, moody or happy. This could be the reason why many countries put particular colors as symbol and flag about their country. So, here is color in psychology:



Green is color of nature and fertility. It is sign of nature, freshness, serenity and healthy. In design, green is often use in the field of construction, ecology, conservation, health and physical exercise.



Red is sign of aggressive, brave, power, passion and vitality. Red tends to be more extreme and emotional than other color. It is color that want to look as most stand out than other colors in a design.


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Yellow reflected optimism generally. But it could have different meaning in some countries. In Netherland, using yellow means a loser. In design itself, yellow is additional color most of time and only use it just enough.



Blue is about the sky and the sea. It is symbol authority, faith , dignity, and security. Blue is color of tranquility that push our body produce chemical substance to calm and relax our body. Thus, this color is more popular to use as room color and design color. In construction, logo with blue color is most favorite and often use as symbol in health, government, and education.



Orange shows passionate and warmth. It is also symbol of optimism, confident, and adventure. Excessive usage of orange will result in impression of two-bit, awww…

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Pitch-black is symbol of bravery, elegance, style, cleverness, authority and power. Black is like two sides of a coin. It could be good and bad like an evil. In fashion, black could be attractive color. Black color makes woman looking slimmer and sexier.


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White describes an impression of purity, innocence, peaceful, holiness and simplicity. This color is very neutral and luminous and easy to combine with various colors. White is perfect to use in writing typography with using black background.



Brown shows spirit and gives an impression of warmth. Do not use too much brown color in design for it gives effect like sadness.


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Purple is very unique color as we rarely see it in nature. It gives impression of respect, fantasy, cleverness, spiritual, wisdom and mystery. This color shows good understanding and peaceful life.



Pink shows feminist, romance, purity, happiness, love & affection, and tenderness. Many women love this color as their favorite. It could make a good sense in fashion and femininity.