Forest is not only known as habitat for animal plants. Furthermore, forest is also known as home for the spirit and ghost. Thus, no surprise if many forest are famous as the most haunted place in many sides of the world. Though, there are some forests which is popular as most of the most haunted forest in the world. Sit down, take your pop corn and read the story!


Aokigahara Forest ( Japan )

This forest is located in the northwest base of Fuji Mount. This place is also called as sea of trees. This is perfect place to die ( forest suicide ) as many Japanese said and being fact that is headlined in many world’s medias. Most of Japanese believe if a person who is suicide on this forest and the body abandoned there, their spirit will scream the whole night and their spirit moving by itself. Nobody dared to enter this forest especially at night. The situation is really gripping!

aokigahara, haunted forest, japanese, suicide, sighting, ghost, mysterious place

Aokigahara Forest, (c)


Rothiemurchus Forest ( Scotland )

The supernatural writer called Roddy Martine explained that Rothiemurchus is one of the most haunted places in Scotland. This place is believed as home of funeral for somebody named “Clan Shaw”. Based on old tale on Scotland, this guy is tough guy who challenged anyone who comes to that forest. Everyone who comes to this forest will be shrouded with fear and would never seen anymore.


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Hoia Baciu Forest ( Romania )

This forest is 250 hectares area lies near Cluj-Napoca, Romania. This forest called as The Bermuda Triangle of Romania for it spooky atmosphere. Many reports states there are a lot of ghost sightings, UFO or even mysterious face suddenly appears when you took a photo. The haunted tale started when the shepherd come to this forest with his 200 sheep. This man has disappear and never come back anymore. Since that, people believe that Hoia Baciu has door that lead you to another dimension.

hoia baciu, haunted forest, sighting, ghost, mysterious place

Hoia Baciu Forest ( c )


Screaming Woods ( UK )

As it name, this forest is known with it mysterious voice like a wrenching screams. People believe this voice comes from people who stray and death on this forest. Not only this scary scream, you will also hear foot step without trail, sightseeing of old lady and army from 18th century who suicide on this forest.

screaming woods, haunted forest, mysterious place, ghost sighting

Screaming Woods, ( c )


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Ballyboley Forest ( Northern Ireland )

This forest is located in Larne, Northern Ireland. According to Local legend, this forest is full with bloody trees, woman with scary face and also somebody with ugly brown dress and scary eyes. Wrenching scream also often heard from this forest.


Old House Woods ( USA )

Old House Woods is situated in a bay near Tidewater, which is crowded port within pre-Revolution and Revolution era during civil war. In this forest people often seen ghost sightseeing like skeletons wearing harness, dog without head, ghost differ, floating light and ghost pirate.


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Dow Hill ( India )

Dow Hill is one of the most haunted places in India. It is located in Kurseong, the Darjeeling state of West Bengal. Local resident state there are so many accidents occurred near this forest and they believe it because of ghost in Dow Hill. Moreover, murders were often happened here that the spirit will haunt in one road of this forest. Local legend tells those who see that ghost will be haunted forever, even in their dream. Even, there were somebody who suicide since couldn’t stand anymore for being haunted by ghost of Dow Hill.

dow hill, kurseong, haunted forest, scary forest, mysterious place, sighting

Dow Hill, (c)