Any time is a good time to spend your precious time with your lover. Though, something about ‘making love’ has certain time to be at it best moment. The Sex Expert, Jessica O’Reilly, Ph.D shared her advices to us about the best time of making love for you and your partner, so that both of you get maximum satisfaction and enthusiastic.Making love is not only to make your marriage becomes more harmonic, but also makes you happier, healthier and feeling fresh. Well, let’s check this out.

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1. Making Love in The Morning

Morning is about how you start your day. O’Reilly stated that making love in the morning is very good to improve your mood a long day. She said it’s not only testosterone level and energy that increased in the morning, but increasing Oxycontin hormone that makes your relationship becomes much better and endorphin hormone to increase mood which is good for you,


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2. Before Running a Stressful Day at Work

If you are going to have a stressful day or challenging event at work, give some times to making love with your partner at home first. Why? Researches has shown various result that making love makes you more calm, lowering your blood tension and reduce your stress level. Another study also proves that making love before speech in front of public really work to reduce your stress level.


3. When Feeling Unwell Due To Change of Weather

Making love proved to increase your immune system. Change of weather sometimes makes people feeling not fit and trigger to get fever or cold, so it’s the best time to making love. In this time, making love will give two benefits for you, first for your satisfaction and second to give you protection from fever and cold because your immune system has improved.


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4. Two Weeks Before Menstruation

Recent study found that two weeks before menstruation, clitoris expand until 20% and might expand more. It means fetching up orgasm for women is easier in this period of time. Thus, making love is good exercise for you and your lover.


5. After Exercising

Study conducted by University of  Texas in USA compared reaction of women to erotic matters after riding bike for 20 minutes. The expert found that blood stream to reproduction area increased 169% after doing this exercise. Exercise does not only make women feeling fresh, but also increases testosterone hormone which is important for woman sexually.


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6. After Having a Bad Day

O’Reilly said that making love and form of shape of physical affection, including holding hands, significantly improve your mood. It also reduces your stress levels for the following days. “More over, activities on the bed also makes you more passionate and enthusiastic. As long as your partner does not become an outlet for your anger, making love after have a bad day could be a very exciting experience”, said O’Reilly again.


 So, if you thought that time for making love is only at night, this could be good idea for you and your partner to enjoy making love in another time. For sure, you will like it!