What is cough? Cough is like reaction that body response to get rid of bad material from upper airway passages and lungs or to clear breathing passages and throat from bad particles. When it happens, people can remove it particles through cough ( a voluntary process ) or using another way ( an involuntary process ). Cough can relieve easily without drug while you use these amazing natural remedies. It’s more natural and will help you to deal with cough in awesome way.

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  1. Honey

Honey is amazing to relieve cough. It is like you make your own cough syrup to relieve cough and itchy throat effectively. Take one spoon of honey or mix honey with lemon juice and coconut oil to get extra benefit. In ancient recipe, people drink bourbon mixed with honey before they go to sleep to relieve cough. This recipe still work till now.

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  1. Black Pepper and Honey

Black pepper and honey combination is secret ingredient which is trusted to relieve wet cough. First, pour one spoon of pepper that has just been pounded and two spoon of honey in a cup. Add hot water and closed cup. After 15 minutes, you can drink this natural remedy.


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  1. Mint Tea   

In many countries, mint is very known to relieve bronchitis, cough, mucus, and upper respiratory tract infection. Mint leaves have main substance to relieve cough by doing relaxation on ileal and tracheal muscles and reduce inflammation. You can serve tea mint by brewing two spoons of two mint leaves in cup of hot water for 10 minutes. If you can’t stand with the taste, you can add lemon or honey to make it more special in taste and benefit.


  1. Drink More Water

More fluids will reduce mucus in postnasal segment and to moisture membrane to help you with cough. Drink more water or tea and it does work!


  1. Lemon

Traditional recipe that work about lemon to cure cough is sucking lemon slices which sprinkled with salt and pepper. This natural remedy sounds strange for many people but it is really popular in traditional remedies book. If you think you can’t do this, simply you can serve a glass of hot lemon water with honey for you.

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  1. Commercial Tea Ingredient

Many herbal shops have various teas as their favorite drug ingredient to heal. Gypsy Cold Care Tea is very effective herbal to cure cough for it made from 92% organic ingredient of pharmacopoeia-grade like elderflower, yarrow flowers, peppermint leaves and many more.


  1. Ginger

Ginger is very popular in many traditional and modern formulas. It is rich in antihistamines substance and decongestant power to relieve you from flu and fever. To relieve cough, you can boil 12 slice of ginger with three glasses of boiling water, filter it to serve in a glass. You can add one spoon of honey or lemon water to reduce it spicy taste.

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  1. Licorice

Licorice or Glycyrrhiza Glabra is kind of legume which is natively grow in Southern Europe, India and few parts of Asia as quoted from Wikipedia. This plant is also called “sweet root” and very popular as natural herbal remedies for thousands of years. It is used to treat flu, cough and cold sores. Provide one ounce licorice and soak it for 24 hours with hot water and drink it the following day as needed.


  1. Menthol Sweet

Menthol sweet is one of interesting choice to slowly relieve cough. It makes your throat warm and control cough reflect.

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        10. Warm Bath

Breathing hot steam from warm bath could remove phlegm which causing irritation and itchy in your throat. With warm bath, you will recover from cough quickly.


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Those 10 methods are very popular and effective way to cure your cough. It would be better to try these natural remedies before you decide to contact your doctor. If they help you, you no need to go to doctor anymore.