Do you love reading?? Which one is your favorite book? Is that a horror, comedy, science or romantic love story?


Many people, especially women, are very fond of romance novel for various reason. Romance novel is popular with it eminent storyline to lift your your imagination on love and romantic gesture from charming prince who makes women melted. You always have beautiful feeling when read that kind of story, don’t you?


First, do not think romance novel only makes people live in fantasy and the fans may be the maudlin. Yes, some love stories were too much to be real, but you have to know that this novel also bring positive values. In point of fact, the experts mention that reading romance novel makes somebody’s life become better and much better. Reading romance novel also prove to help people keep away from doctor.

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Quoted from Your Tango, romance novel brings the following benefits for your life:

  1. Improve Your Relationship

Love story in real life may through complicated conflicts and not as smooth as you read in a book or you watch on screen. Girls are often disappointed for expecting their boyfriend too much. We know, most of men never know how to be romantic. In this case, if you couldn’t find help and couldn’t say it to your boyfriend, reading romantic novel will make a light for you. Most of romance novel contains secret and tips to make a man become more romantic. Well, why don’t you try using that formula for your love story? You can start training your self!


  1. Improve Your Self Confidence

The main character of every romance novel has various depictions. They are not always pretty women from rich family. They often demonstrated as bookworm, poor girl, fat girl, common face or the silent. It’s just like people in real life. Though, it is illustrated that every body has beautiful story after the storm. By reading this novel, you will realize that perfection is not everything. When you are not perfect, just be your self, you have your own journey and you deserved to be loved. It will help you to learn acceptance and be a confident person.


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  1. Exciting and Curiosity to Keep Your Neuron Healthy

Ready book will kill the boredom. It also makes you excited to go to next page and curious to know what will happen with the protagonist and antagonist character. That excited and curiosity of this love story will make you feeling glad. According a research which published in Medical Daily, the exciting feeling will help brain to fight against the causes of stress which important to keep your neuron stay healthy and sharp.


  1. Teaching You a True Love

From romance novel, you will learn that true love through many storms of life. It’s not only about having romantic dating on Paris or buying your girlfriend luxurious house or jewellery. You will learn that true love means appreciate every little things your boyfriend did and be supportive. True love rich in values for each other.


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  1. Make You Feeling Hotter

According to study conducted by Dr. Joyce Brothers, 74% women who read romantic novel have sexier look. Another study published in British Medical Journal reveals that women who love reading romantic novel could have longer orgasm. Can you believe this?


  1. Reduce Risk of Heart Attack

Reading romance novel makes you smile and happy. It will condition you to have more stabile emotion so you could lower the risk of coroner heart attack.


You don’t like reading those romance novel?? Try to love it now and get the benefit!