Once in our young days, it’s way so easy to fall in love with a bad boy. It seems like they have an attraction that leave twinkle in our eyes and make us melted in second. It could happen for some times until you’ve come at point of your life you need stability. Especially if you grow up as independent person, and confident woman who need somebody who could value you as better person with not much restriction. Yes, it’s time to say you need a man!


Boy is good to have short term of relationship. But if you want to have long term relationship or guy who appreciate you more than your beauty, you are no longer a girl who seek a boy. You are woman who need a man, that somebody who more mature, and has vision. A Man is more mature personality version of boys. They knows woman worth ad value, has strong moral and know how to treat you well. So, how to find out you’re dating a boy, not a man? Let’s find out here!


  1. a Man Knows What He Wants and Goes for It

A Boy couldn’t be so shallow, they have the idea too, but things will doubt them and they don’t like taking risk. If he goes for it, perhaps it’s something easier with not much effort. Simply, it can say that boy is passive and a man is assertive.


  1. a Man Plans for His Future Very Well and Make a Serious Calculation for His Life

For comparison, we know a boy lives only in the moment. HE still loves having fun, change his girls and going to bar often.

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  1. a Man Looks for a Woman

Yes, a man wants a partner who is supportive to him, grounded and sharing set of values. On the other side, there is a boy who looks for girls for their wild, fun, and appearance.


  1. a Man Will Take Initiative with Good Woman

a Boy may not give up, but the effort is just like a lucky draw. He seems excited at start and give up before really try it. If a man get a chance to know a good woman, he will take initiative to know her further and make it works.


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  1. a Man Knows How to Manage Conversation

When it comes to uncomfortable situation, a man will honestly speak to his intentions and let people know what’s right for him. a Boy doesn’t like that typical situation. Mostly he will avoid confrontation or any serious talk. He would rather run away from it, excuse or create drama to not deal with situation. In fact, he is not into you or a relationship. He is not ready yet.


  1. a Man Knows The Right Time

a Man understand when the right time to invest in a woman and fight for her. While, a boy doesn’t really know when he is ready for relationship. He doesn’t fully commit.


  1. a Man Knows How to Social

Everyone has busy time, but a man knows how to handle his time and be social, though he often traps into his career and building life. A Boy doesn’t think it’s necessary. He enjoy his hang out schedule to one place to another.


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  1. a Man Has Vision

A Man has time to vision the the type of man he wants o be. His vision is clear enough and thoughtful. He will work harder to achieve that level of commitment and make it work. A Boy may have vision, but they live in inconsistency.


  1. a Man Has Integrity

You no need to doubt him. He has promises and won’t deny it. His commitment is something he holds the most. A Boy has promises, but too easy to forget it.

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     10. a Man Can Face Rejection

Rejection is possible thing. A Man may experience a rejection and once, it scares him. But later he knows how to face it and will put himself out there any ways. You will find it contrast to see the boy who acts passives so that he can save his pride from rejection.


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  11. a Boy Plays Games, a Man Doesn’t

It’s not games like you play on your smartphone or PC. In this term, game mean mind game or doing something tricky. You have to know who you are dating because if you are dating a boy, he may play something behind you. A Man don’t do that. He will commit to you and if he thinks it doesn’t work, he will not let you become a game that he can play behind.