Dishes and drinks makes your holiday completely get into a perfection mode. You feel all the freedom to have fun with your vacation, and at the same time enjoy your favorite dessert and more of your favorite dish in the seasonal celebration. Well, it always feels good to embrace them all in one package. Unless you don’t want to gain weight, they are all okay. However, if you want to maintain you weight and health, you need to hold these following list in your blacklist :

1. Mulled Wine or Cider
Wine is good, but not so much with mulled wine. When you mix cloves, fruit, anise, honey and apple cider on top of the wine, this beverage has become high in calorie and sugar. It’s approximately contains 200 calories per serving and 23 grams of sugar. For the saviour, enjoy only a glass of wine and have fun.

mulled wine, cider


2. Spinach Artichoke Dip
Spinach artichoke dips always looks so right. You may think it’s just okay for it containst two kind of vegetable. Well, it may not look that good actually. Ilyse Schapiro, the nutritionist, warn you about a high-calorie of this tasty dips, “A half-cup serving of spinach artichoke dip is almost 300 calories, but most people don’t stop at just half a cup. Add the chips and it is easily around 450 calories or more!” Now it’s clear that consuming this means a lot of calories.

Spinach Artichoke Dips, dips, vegetable, holiday dish, dips


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3. Pecan Pie
Pecan pie could be one of your most favorite dessert of the holiday season. Unfrotuntely, this could be not good for your health, especially when you are in diet. One slice of this pie is loaded with 540 calories, 33 grams of sugar and 22 grams fo fat, according to Ilyse Schapiro.

pecan pie, pie, holiday dishes


4. Caramel Popcorn
Who doesn’t love popcorn? Popcorn is known as high-fiber snack. Alas, when you add it with sugar and corn syrupt, it makes the calories and sugar add up. No matter how tasty this holiday snack is, you should avoid it for health reason. The nutrition expert and wellness consultant. Rima Kleiner, advises to stick to your healthy eating plan by snacking on air-popped instead. Adding a little butter and salt on it or nix the salt and make your own ‘sweet’ corn by adding a sprinkle of cinamon and sugar to plain popcorn sounds really good.

popcorn, caramel, caramel popcorn, holiday dishes


5. Cheese Ball
Everything about cheese is always seducing. One thing you may forget, the snack is packed with fat calories. Dr. Blessing Anyatonwu, the nutritionist, says, “Cheese balls

are full of saturated fat, which is OK in moderation, but not so healthy when it is packed into one cheese ball.” Thinking of new snack idea?

cheese ball, holiday dishes, snack


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6. Swedish Meatballs
Swedish meatballs will make us run into it and eat it like it’s one rare thing. These appetizer really looks so delicious and should not be missed type of food. Asal, according to Ilyse Schapiro, one cup of these tiny meatballs, especially wit a creamy sauce may contains as many as 400 calories. Oh God, it’s so much calories!

sweedish meatball, meatball with noodle, holiday dish


7. Fruitcake
Just because it brings the ‘fruit’ attribute, doesn’t mean it’s a healthy cake. In fact, this yummy cake made of candied, and dried fruits, flour, eggs, ginger, butter, spices and then soaked in alcoholic spirits and it has more than 400 calories! Not surprise you gain weight when you always have this in your holiday dish.

fruit cake, cake, holiday dishes


8. Eggnog
Perhaps it is the most popular drinks during your holiday festival. You may always have this to complete your holiday celebration because you never get enough without this one. Well, warning comes from Rima Kleiner as the nutrition expert. She said that one cup of this beverage containst approximately 350 calories, 150 miligrams of cholesterol and 20 grams of sugar. Instead of eggnog, you could choose apple cider or serve your own eggnog with skim milk, pasteurized egg whites and nutmeg to reduce its calories and fat.

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9. Green Bean Casserole
Another trap by attribute, you may think it’s healthy because it has green bean, which is a healthy vegetable. Geen bean, when it’s served to become casserole, it has approximately 230 calories and about 500 miligrams of sodium. Remember, too much sodium will lead to bloat.

Green Bean Casserole, green bean, snack, holiday dish


10. Sweet Potato Pie with Whipped Cream
Sweet potatoes are healthy as it’s loaded with good nutriets and vitamins. However, when you sadd sweet potato to your favorite pie and other dessert, the foods can become monster for your weight loss program. Dr. Blessing Anyatonwu warns that one slice of sweet potato pie with marshmallow meringue topping can contain up to 500 calories  and high sugar and fat. Sweet potato is better to serve with small pat of butter or with brown sugar and spices to confine the craving.

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