Looking for free blogging platforms? So, you come to the right place! Blogging is a lot of fun. It’s very easy when you want to blogging for free before you go further with your self-hosting experience. Also, this blogging platform also good if you want to enhance your main website with dummy blog from free platform. So, guys, check this out!


  1. WordPress

WordPress is the most popular free blogging platform. With WordPress, blogging is so easy and fun. You can create couple of blog in one account for free. It has hundreds of theme to customize your display. It’s so easy to customize and use. WordPress also good to boost your presence on search engine. If you want the best free blogging that is a great mix of power, usability and customization, then WordPress is number one. This one is also our favorite!       wordpress, blogging platform

  1. Tumblr

People feel that Tumblr is like a bit mix of WordPress and Twitter. This blogging platform is the easiest free blogging platform to use. Tumblr also has strong social undercurrent with their features. Their mobile apps make the user can submit content to a Tumblr blog from anywhere. This site may not has theme as many as WordPress, but it’s still considered as the second best of free blogging platforms.

tumblr, blogging platform, free blogging


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  1. Blogger

If you have google account, you can sign up for for Blogger in seconds with your Google ID. Blogger is considered as one of the longest running free blogging platform on the internet. It’s very easy to customize, user friendly and you will like it for it various features. Just like WordPress, Blogger has so many templates that you can use to make your site beautiful. If you want to use your own domain using blogger, you can do this later at ease.

blogger, blogging platform

  1. Medium

Medium set up by Twitter’s founder. You can sign up this free blogging platform using your twitter account. Since the beginning, Medium seems to appear as a socially-oriented micro blogging that emphasizes writing. With Medium you may have less control and ability to customize, but this site actually will take your blog seriously to have nice experience.

Medium, blogging platform, free blogging


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  1. Svbtle

Svbtle has slogan “blogging platform designed to help you think“. This one could easily become one of your favorite blogging platform for those who love writing in simple and those who wants to have stylish experience. It’s similar like Medium that have less customization, this site is a stripped-back platform for long form writing.

Svbtle, blogging platform, free blogging

  1. LiveJournal

LiveJournal is like a social networking. Together with Blogger, it becomes one of the older free blogging platform since 1999. Because of it age, this site has become like a blogging community that encourages the member to have communal interaction. If you like to enjoy this site as your free blogging platform, it’s advised to being social too on that site.

live journal, blogging platform, free blogging


  1. Weebly

Weebly rely on drag and drop component that allow user create new pages and handle post quickly. You can enjoy hundred of free themes, customize the layout at ease and enjoy more available features. Weebly also good to become your free online shop platform.

Weebly, blogging platform


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  1. Postach.io

Postach.io claim themselves as the easiest way to blog. This free blog platform sets up by the creators of Evernote, so no wonder you will taste the Evernote flavor here. You can customize your blog with bunch of themes, Disquss commenting and more.

postach.io, blogging platform, free blogging


  1. Pen.io

Pen.io logo, blogging platformPen.io has something unique that other blogging platform doesn’t have. This site doesn’t require to sign up or having account to publish your post. Instead, you define a URL for a post and set a password. You can create multi-pages using tag and drag images at ease. If you don’t like blogging with hesitate or want blogging without storing your personal information, then this platform is very recommended.


  1. Ghost

Ghost is entirely open source based that you need to install on your own system. It’s very different with other platform in this list, you have to download it and install it yourself to get free service. Otherwise, you can use the Ghost site and you have to pay on the basis of traffic. It’s rather complicated indeed, but if you want a WordPress alternative, then this one is recommended.

Ghost Logo, blogging platform


Some of list above have Paid Version that allow you enjoy more services and features. You can check it yourself to find the best suit on you.


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Other Free Blogging Platforms that You Can Try:

  • Jigsy.com
  • Angelfire.com
  • Webs.com
  • Bravenet.com
  • Wix.com
  • Onsugar.Com
  • Edublogs.Org


Free Blogging Platform that Almost Extinct and Not Recommended (They Often Experience Error, Crash & Maintenance )

  • Blogigo.com ( My account was suspended after two days activity. There’s no much activity on this site too )
  • Problog.com
  • Moblog.com ( Domain for Sale? We visit this site for sometimes, but few days ago we visit us, it seems not working anymore )
  • Blog.com