I know dating could be more complicated than it seems. If you have some bad experiences on your dating, there are things you need to learn to have one better. It’s not always because of you, so put your worry behind. You can fix it and make it better. Take a sit down and try this tips to help you have a success dating. Watch out, it may work for you!


1.     Wear The Red Dress

Whedan, why it has to be red? Well, red is more than just color. The researchers say most women look sexier and smarter with red. If you are not even familiar wearing the red dress, this is your first attempt. In man’s philosophy, red is symbol of romance and sexiness. The researchers debated why men more often pay their attention to red dress to relate their desire and they end up in conclusion that women in red dress always look more attractive and alive.

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2.     Expand The Horizons

Most of the time, especially in early dating, men seems not have enough time for conversation. They don’t like to get involved about your friends, you dog or cheap gossips. Though, there is one trick to have interesting talking with him! Before you date, you may read the newspaper, watching the news or following the entertainment update. This would make him interesting and think you nice friend to talk to.


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3.     Avoid Negative Things

Leave all the negativity behind you. Having bad experience in the past may affect how you behave. Your ex boyfriend may disappoint you and make you feeling bad for some times. I know it will leave you particular feeling, but, really, if you want to start new success relationship, you must open yourself for all good possibilities. Your new man is not the same with the old one in the past. Have a positive thinking and enjoy it!


4.     The Ratio of The Waist and Hips

This is weird but true. The researches has found that most men prefer women with ratio of waist to hips around 0,7. How to count it? Well, it’s easy. First you must take a meter and get your waist’s size and your hips size and compare them. If yours is not 0,7 yet, it’s better to wear the waistband.


5.     Praise Him

Not only women, men do love to get some praises. Every man loves to be greaten by woman. No need to exaggerate like saying he is handsome or funny. This is too often and will make them boring. Customize your word with things he may experience like saying he must be looking cool while climbing the mountain or looking awesome when perform on stage. Or you can say you are impressed when he start talking himself.

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6.     Make Your Hair Looking Thick

Hair is one thing man never forget to watch. When you have thick hair, it shows you are fertile. If you don’t have thick hair naturally, don’t be worry, you can always tricky. First, let you hair moist to the root, then swivel upward and blow upward. Next you must straighten it, from the middle to your hair end. If this is too complicated, then you can choose hair extension. Get one that make you feeling more comfortable.


7.     Whisper to His Right Ear

Doing soft motion is needed, especially when you were in crowded space within your dating. You should be blended with him on that crowded, enjoy it and take a chance by whispering his right ear. The researcher found fact that men are more easily crush to his girl friend who ask him something by whispering his right ear.


8.     Tease Him

One of failure dating is leaving him without impression. Give him something that push him remember you. First, you have to make sure everything is neat, your lips is in good condition and your appearance is near to perfection. When the dating is started, maintain the eye contact and give him your sensual smile.

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9.     Laughing

You make a mistake? Just laugh it out. He knows you are only human so make a mistake during your date is not a sin. You no need to look so rigid in front of him. Just enjoy your date and if you feel like making stupid mistake, just make him smile and laugh together with you. This will make you both feeling closer.


10.  Make Him Know He Needs You

Don’t think this as hard work. You can do simple things to impress him and know you are nice and important. You can start it by touching his hand, clean up his shirt from something or small reflect to show your closeness to him. This small act series will tell him everything.