SEO, stand for Search Engine optimization, is essential part for those who grow their website. When your website is strong in SEO, it will be easier to get more organic traffic for your site. SEO On Page should be started since very early. What is SEO On Page? SEO On Page is optimization in website itself to make it more friendly in search engine. It will make your website structure comply with search engine robot, so that the spider will crawl it better.


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How to Improve Your On-Page SEO?

  1. Install Meta Data Tag in Your Header and Verify Your Website

When search engine crawl to get relevant search result to show user who have typed a keyword in search bar, website with correct and good meta data/ <meta> tag information win to get better position on page. Meta Tag do not affect display of your website, but provide information that search engine need, such as what is your website about, keyword of your website, who create website, etc. Simply, using Meta Tag will improve your search engine listing and position.


  1. Google Webmaster Tool

Google Webmaster is essential SEO tool kit for website to maximize their presence in search engine. You need to register or login to add your website and submit your sitemap. You also need to install meta tag in your header or upload verification file via Control Panel or use other way to get your website verified.

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  1. Check your Title, Description & Keyword Usage
  • * Title : Do not make your title longer than 69 characters ( including space ). Big search engine such as Google, Ask and Bing only show your first 65-69 characters. If your title is longer than 65-69 characters, they will cut it over.
  • Description : Meta description should be around 159 characters, including space and punctuation mark.
  • Keyword : You can use targeted keyword around 15-18 characters. It could be main keyword and derivative keywords, and not too many repetitions.


Thing to remember, your title, description and keyword must relevant each other. To check the relevance between those three, you can use Seocentro Meta Tag Analyzer or Meta Checker.


  1. Check Your Website Validity

You can use to check your website validity. First, type your website address and then enter. If error/warning appears, it shows your website is not valid yet. To check error one by one, you can do it from watching the source code ( Control + U ). Do back up before editing.


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  1. Check Your Website Speed

There are three things that affect your website speed:

  • Server Hosting Speed
  • Picture Size in Your Website
  • Script & CSS

To check your website speed, you can use GTmetrix. If your speed is above 70%, it means your website is good enough. Otherwise, if your speed is under 70%, you have to edit some stuff in your website.

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YSlow is way to know the stuffs make your site load slowly. What you need to consider in website editing based on YSlow analysis:

  • Picture: Check size/pixel and do compression
  • Too much script : remove unnecessary script, accessories or widget from your site
  • Minify code such as html. etc, do comparation with other code/script you use before and notice suggestion from other site.


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  1. Install and Manage Other Stuff in Website
  • Use Plugin Dagon Design Sitemap Generator for WordPress user. This plugin is free and you can find it easily by typing it in add new plugin search bar. DD Sitemap Generator will provide information of your website based on Pages, Categories, Tags, etc. If you want to know how it looks like, go to this page Index.
  • Open footer.php and install important link in your Footer Web, such as Homepage, Link to Your Sitemap or Link to Your Google Plus’s Profile
  • Maintain usage of H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, H6
  • Add Interesting Relevant Word to Enrich Your Homepage Website