This SEO guide is mainly for the beginners. If you are willing to learn further about SEO, at first you should be familiar and understand these SEO terms. Understand these basic SEO will make you easier to learn more complicated things about SEO.


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  1. Title Tag

Title Tag is literally title of your web page. In SEO, Title Tag is one of most important factor related Google Search Algorithm. Make sure you have created “Title” which is friendly to search engine. How to do it? Simply pay attention on how to shoot the keyword in your Title. The Title Tag will be show up on the top of the browser while you navigating it.


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  1. Meta Tag

Meta Tag is invisible tag. It works to give information to search engine regarding content of your website. Meta Tag consist of various meta tag like Meta Tag Description, etc. Meta Tag is not visible to human visitors, but readable for search engine robot that crawl your site. It’s located in the HEAD section of your website html.


  1. Meta Descriotion Tag

Meta Description is tag you various to explain search engine robot about description of your web page. Meta Description is On Page SEO to make your web page do optimum effort so it’s easy to be found by search engine. In WordPress, Meta Tag Description is easy to do with help of plugin such as WordPress SEO by Yoast or All In One SEO Pack. You can use interesting and unique description which is rich in keyword for this purpose.

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  1. SERP

SERP stands for Search Engine Result Page. It’s the result provided by search engine for keywords you type on search engine bar. For example, if you type “download IDM” in Google, Google will provide pages related to “download IDM”. So, that is the search engine result page.


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  1. Keyword

Keyword is very important for SEO. It’s the key for thousand people find your website among hundred or thousand sites around internet. Keyword is the word that people use to find information they looking for on internet. For example, if you go to Google and want to get information about natural remedies for cough, then you will try to type “natural remedies cough” or “remedies for cough”, etc. as the keyword.


  1. Indexing

Indexing is an activity done by search engine to collect and save every web page throughout internet. Search engine, through its robot always try to find new web page on internet to put into their database as addition. The composition of this database or how robot index the web page can change anytime based on various factors and reasons.


  1. Keyword Research

Keyword research is research or experiment to find the best keyword to be used in our web so that we can do maximum optimization on it. Keyword research is very essential effort to start SEO On Page for your website. Keyword research can be done in various ways. One of most popular way is using “Google Keyword Planner” with your Google Account.


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  1. Internal Link and External Link

When you start learning SEO, you will be familiar with these two terms. Internal Link is every link which is exist in your website and connected to other link ( from post/ page ) in your web page.


External link is every link which comes from other website to your website and vice versa. Let say, if you give reference link on one of your post to other website, so that is the external link. In other situation, if blog of your friend or other blogs give link from their post to your website, it’s also called the external link.


  1. Anchor Text

Anchor Text is text contain hyperlink. When you read any post with any keyword or word and it contains link to other post/ page, that is called Anchor Text.


  1. Page Rank

Page Rank is term to state a rank of a website on internet. This term created by Google to value a website quality. The lowest page rank starts from 0, and the biggest or the best is page rank 10. Though, it’s very not easy to find a website with that high page rank. For example, the popular social media “Facebook” has page rank 9. Bigger page rank your website has, it means your website has getting better and better in search engine.


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  1. Alexa Rank

Alexa Rank is website ranking system by Alexa. Alexa Rank is often used by the advertiser to know the popularity of website on the internet. In Alexa Rank, smaller number Alexa of your website showing better popularity and more impressive performance. That’s why many bloggers always try to do effort to make their Alexa Rank is slimmer. To monitor your Alexa Rank’s website, you can install toolbar Alexa Rank in your browser.

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