Bipolar disorder is typical of psychological illness which easy recognize from dramatic changes in mood like depression, sensitiveness and deep sadness. Most people in early stage of bipolar disorder do not realize for the illness they have. Everyday Health revealed surprising fact about bipolar disorder symptoms that you may not know before. Check this out!


  1. Excessive Spending

Shopping is unlimited pleasure for women. But, if you spend way too much on stuff you do not even need and your salary could not afford it, this is serious problem for you. Person with bipolar disorder is fond of taking risk. Generally women love shopping, but excessive shopping that trap you into a big trouble of credit card usage and staggering debt shows that you need a relief.

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  1. Strange Sex Desire

Sex desire which categorized as immoderate like trying weird style or change your sex partner like change a cloth is real symptom of bipolar disorder.


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  1. Drug and Alcohol Abuse

Both drug and alcohol is bad for our health. It brings too much harm for your body, especially for long term. Alcohol and drug seems to be the way out for under pressure people to escape from their depression and their wild life. More you go with them, they will bring you into the hell.


  1. Do Not Sleep in a Long Time

Do not sleep for days is serious signal that you are not fine. You will feel like under pressure and have no focus to ignore your need to sleep. It’s better if you try to contact psychiatrist to help you change the habit and get some relief advises.

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Have you encountered any of those symptoms? If you have one or two signal above, it’s better consult with your doctor or psychiatrist to know your situation and get further assistance. Precaution is much better.