For various reasons, wearing bra cause you a pain. It’s like your boob set in the jail that restrict so much. Well, actually wearing bra is not really necessary. You can try to take your bra off for days or a week when you are home, and tell us how you feel. You may feel better, healthier and more comfortable. Moreover, you will find out why it feels good to going braless!


  1. It Saves Your Money

Women love collecting Bra stuffs as habit. We stick very long time with wearing bra culture. When you find more bra is actually not necessary and is not really beneficial, you can saves your money or use it for more important spending. Does it feel good to budge the money for new dress or jewellery?


  1. Bye to Strap Marks on Your Skin

Bra straps leaving you painful in the neck and you know it’s real hurt. So, does it make you breath easier now?


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  1. You Get Your Natural Shape

You’ll have nothing put your skin in pressure anymore. It’s like you giving the freedom to your skin and body now. Enjoy it!


  1. Feeling More Comfortable

Of course, you’ve got to wear your Bra for certain occasion. But you can feel more comfortable now because you can leave it behind when you are home or just going to close store that not necessary you to wear that.

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  1. Giving Break to Your Boobs

You may not realize that your boob deserves break and enjoy the fresh air. It’s not to embarrassed you. You just have to manage your time to take your bra off and when to wear it again.


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  1. Good for Your Nips

No pressing anymore to your nips. It’s always good for them. So, enjoy your beauty at the highest.


  1. Breathe Better

Yes, some bra make you harder to breather. It cause by wrong size of bra or it doesn’t make you feeling comfortable. Good news, it couldn’t be your problem anymore


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  1. Nobody Will Prohibit You

It’s your right to wear or to not wear. No one should not freak out about your nipples. Going braless for a while or after have a long day will help you so much. Even more, the only person who prohibit you from doing this is yourself. Could it be true?