Smile is not only brightening your day. It’s not only make people smile back to you and feel your warmth. Smile is powerful language. Especially for woman, it brings great effect of facial expression to increase your appeal. Smile has tremendous effect for you and people around you. Even, your smile can be so attractive for the opposite sex.


EliteSingles, a popular matchmaking site in Europe, has conducted a small survey related Smile and the effect in relationship. The site revealed that women who do more eye contact and smile during interaction has more chance to attract male’s attention up to 60%. It means smile is very matter!


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Do you still curious why smile is tremendously beneficial? Read on, and you’ll be amazed with the reason behind!


  1. Smile Makes You More Beautiful

No doubt, smile is part of best expression of every woman. By showing your smile, you make your face looks brighter and happier, away from problem and complicated thing.


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  1. Confidence

Confidence makes your heart calm. It manipulated your brain to improve optimism. It makes you more relax and give your more confidence.


  1. Attractive

Woman with sincere smile is more attractive than woman who trying to attract male’s attention with make up and fashion. Smile makes a man feeling comfort with you and feel respected.


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  1. Smile Makes You Look Trustworthy

Smile makes woman look more friendly, heartfelt and reliable. This is the quality that man looking for. It’s so easy to fall in love with woman who easy to smile.


  1. Strong Appeal

Smile can be so appealing. When you speak to a man, try to stare at his eyes and smile to him. Your eye contact and smile will make his heart beat faster. The two is great combination to build a relationship.


Have you shown your beautiful smile today?