This has been 18 Years since Princess Diana death on 1997 because of tragic accident in a car drove by Henri Paul. We all remember that moment clearly, when Diana was with her beloved, Dodi Al-Fayed, the heir of Al Fayed family and the owner of luxurious mall in London.


Throughout the years, the memory of Lady Diana is eternal to date. The story line of Prince William and Prince Harry’s mother is indeed always interesting and catch our attention. There are mysteries and secrets over it. If you like to find out more the story of this beautiful lady, now you can read the will of Lady Diana online.


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princess diana, lady diana, royal family

You can pay cira $US15 to grant access and read the wills of Britain Documentary. This letter was viewed by one new site in Britain which grant access of various public document with paid system. Though, where is the original documentary? Well, it’s in a leafy suburb of Birmingham with Qadir Ahmed who run the secure Iron Mountain Facility where each documents are kept save in temperature-controlled storage; with extra security.


In this site, there are 41 millions letter since 1858 with paid-system granted access. The letter from Lady D is one of the most favorite amongs all. The letter is really heartbreaking and takes our curiosity. If you are excited to read other wills documentary, you can find it easily on this site. The will of Winston Churchill and George Orwell can also be seen here.


So, what is the content of her last letter? It is about the real estate valued $US 30 million for her beloved sons, William and Harry, were revoked and more.


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Since Princess Diana died on her 36 years old, in her will assigned that the mother must consult the education of his son. Furthermore, both Prince William and Harry ought to babysat by the head of household and her confidant, Paul Burrel. In her will, Paul Burrel was bequeathed the sum of £50,000, free of inheritance tax.

 princess diana, lady diana, royal family

On her will, Lady Diana also stated that her 25 feet wedding gown which popular with thousand of pearl will given to Prince William and Harry. Her other collection like paint and clock will distributed to her 17 godchildren.


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Rober Jabson, the author of The New Royal Family explain that The Princess want to sure that his sons are surrounded by love. She had so much worry and it made her suffering when divorce from Prince Charles. Princess Diana didn’t show her fear most of time, but she was just normal person like every of us. She felt the fears through her silence and cool. When people read the letter, people can feel that emotion very well.