What will happen when two awesome people get together?? There is yet confirmation both from Emma Watson and Prince Harry about this rumors. But, this news goes viral like a roller coaster since last few days. Quoted from Woman’s Day Australia, the story started when at the end of the year Watson split from her former rugby player boyfriend, Matthew Janney. Prince Harry seemed very clever taking chances by asking mutual friends to set a group date and sent her an invitation. Well, guess what happen next? Prince Harry reportedly smitten to Watson and allegedly the two can get together nicely and had couple of secret dating! Awww…!

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It’s no longer secret that Prince Harry is playboy who easily melt women’s heart. He had dated Chelsy Davy, Cressida Bonas, Camilla Thurlow, The Saturdays Mollie King and Enayat Younes, The Egyptian heiress. Prince Harry also linked to beautiful girls like Anastasia Gusev, a model from German, whom spotted partying with him in Abu Dhabi last January. With this Prince Charming love chronicle, could Watson tame him and make a long lasting relationship? –Oh yeah, hopefully they are really in relationship right now!


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How The Fans React?

Prince Harry and Emma Watson is sitting on the top of Twitter Trending topic right now. These two celebrities could make a great pairing as it seems. As usual, there is always pros and contras among fans if they were involved in official relationship. Most of twitter users agree that they are such as awesome newly couple. But some users don’t like them for Watson seems too good to be true for The Prince Charming.


emma watson, prince harry, twitter, celebrity

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Oh, well, Emma Watson is known as intelligent girl. She is brilliant student, a UN Global Goodwill ambassador and we also know her as great actress. Let’s wait what will happen next between them. They are so damn cute to get together, agree??