Facial is indeed our favorite ladies time to spend our all long chill day and how to spoil our face. We hope to see our face look fresher and more beautiful after this short treatment. Unfortunately, sometimes things are out of expectation. The facial treatment leaves redness like an irritation or something else which cause us feeling uncomfortable. This reaction could be only for some times, yet it annoys us enough.

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Though, really, you no need to worry about this. You actually can get rid of this annoying redness using home remedies. Now we share you the best tips to deal with skin redness. These four stuffs are easy to find at home so you could do this easily and taraaa… you can get rid of the redness quickly!


  1. Honey

Honey is very good to mouisture and mild your skin. It’s rich in vitamin and contains anti-bacteria. To get rid of redness in your skin, you can smear the natural honey to your skin surface and let it stand for few minutes. In short time, after clean your face, your skin will look so much better.

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  1. Cucumber

Love using cucumber to mask your eyes? Cucumber is very refreshing to get rid of eye bag. I know the cucumber slices are your favorite when you feel tiredness around eye area. Now you can do more experiment with this veggie. Crush the cold cucumber ( you saved it on refrigerator before ) until it become smooth paste. After that you can smear it to your facial skin for minutes.


  1. Oatmeal

Oatmeal is our favorite for breakfast. In other time, you can use this viands to get rid of redness due to facial, irritation and allergic. At first, you can mix oatmeal with enough water until it becomes paste. Use it for your mask until 10 minutes. When it’s done, you’ll get instant refreshment and look… the redness in your face slowly reduced.


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  1. Ice Cube

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Ice Cube diminish your pore at best as you can do in your regular treatment. Now you know it that it’s also good to get rid of redness in your face. It’s advised to not put it directly on your surface, but use soft cloth as the coating and then rub it smoothly in your face with redness. You will know it works.