Meditation is one of best therapy for health and mind. It improves concentration, balances your emotion and makes you healthier. It makes your mind and soul become more tranquil. However, meditation is not only about sit down and closes your eyes. To get the benefit of meditation, it’s advised to follow this meditation tips to get the best result.

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  1. The Right Time

Morning is the best time to do meditation. Simply it because our brain is still fresh and the weather is very nice in the morning. Unfortunately, not everyone have free time in their morning. So, if you are a worker used to spend your morning in hurry, meditation also can be done after back from work or before you sleep.


  1. an Empty Belly Makes a Good Meditation

Do not do meditation when your belly is full. It’s really not good idea which triggers you to feel vomiting or asleep. It’s advised to do meditation minimum two hours after breakfast or lunch.


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  1. Find a Comfort Space

It would not be easy to concentrate when you don’t feel comfort. It’s very important to find a comfort space to do this activity. You can do it in quiet room, park or other spaces which is away from the crowded.


  1. Get Ready

When all those three points above are completed, now you are ready sitting for meditation. Sit with cross-legged position, and then close your eyes and breathe in. Do step by step meditations you learn, let your body relax and don’t open your eyes until your meditation finished.


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  1. Concentration

Concentration is essential key. When you lost your concentration in seconds, it ruins your meditation process. Concentration is not easy, but by completing all those four points and do regular practice, it will make your meditation complete.


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