I know some people who trying hard to manage losing their weight. They did an extreme diet which affect their health and don’t mind taking risk just to reduce some fat. More failure experiments will add another stress and depression which affect their health even more.


Diet or extreme exercise will not work well when they don’t pay attention to their eating pattern. This may sound very simple, but it’s true that being discipline with eating pattern is the key to reach ideal weight you want. Unfortunately, many people don’t have correct information on what food should be limited on consumption to support their program. Thus, Whedan.com trying to share you an information from various reliable source to lose weight by this food tricks below:.

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1.      Breakfast

If you often heard saying ‘the power of breakfast’, then you know exactly that breakfast has many health benefits for our body. If you don’t take your meal portion in the morning, your metabolism will be slower, so it’s hard for you to manage losing some fats.


2.      Water

Don’t forget to drink 3 liter water daily to support your activities. Water not only makes you have a healthier life and increase your concentration, but also increase metabolism system of our body.


3.      Additional Protein

Protein is known to increase process of weight loss program and help burning fat. It’s good to use oatmeal, egg or other source of protein as part of your daily breakfast to improve metabolism and support your diet.


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4.      Snacking

Snack is not monster for your diet. It’s not good to let your tummy too hungry, so it’s time for snacking. Not usual snacking because you need to make sure your snack is healthy like veggie or fruit. Not only keep your tummy from hungry, they give you more nutrition you need.

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5.      Forget Rice

Rice contains high carbohydrate as the main component to add your weight. It’s enough to have once rice for the whole day. You can combine it with other carbohydrate, such as bread, potatoes or wheat or don’t consume another carbohydrate at all after rice.


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6.      Be Wise on Your Dinner

No, you don’t need to avoid dinner. You only have to control your dinner schedule and dinner menu. You should only have dinner maximum three hours before the bed time. Your dinner also need to be rich on fiber and protein and in normal portion –not excessive.


7.      Reduce Salt

As we know, salt is essential component to increase weight. Try your best to avoid salt because it really affects your program. Fish and meat contain enough salt mineral to your body’s need, so no need to use salt too much on your dish.

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8.      Food Rich in Fiber

By consuming food rich in fiber, you will increase your metabolism system quickly. Fiber is also good for your intestine by digest food very well.