Do you believe that working mom affect children success in the future? The research shown that working mom who manage to balance the housewife and career tend to have kids will be more successful in the future.


Being working mom is not easy. They have two different role to make up their life. In one point, they trying best to be good at housewife. At the same time they can’t neglect their job due to responsibility and various reason. They also often mocked by those who judge and never try to understand.

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People view on working mom might different from one to another. But yes, working mother doesn’t always sound bad. Working mom actually teach children many things and give them advantages when they grow up, as statement from Harvard Business School.


For daughter, they tend to have good managerial ability than those girl with full time mother. The same way goes to boys, who become more aware with housewife and have more focus to take care their children in the future. This conclusion is based on 50.000 respondent in 24 countries took part in international survey of gender and behavior.


Quoted from The Washington Post, Kathleen McGinn, teacher of Harvard Business School said the most important thing from this survey is a fact that children will get benefit and knowledge better and wider on what they have to do for their life in the future, especially on parenting role. She said that working mom’s kids can watch the world in whole different vision. They also will be more independent people and rely themselves facing difficult situation.


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When full time mother is believed as good mother to handle housewife, then working mother will be the role model from non-traditional gender. It will affect your children’s perspective that lead them to more success. So, working mom no need to be sad and worry about their limited time for family. It just you have to improve how you manage your time.


Sometime working leave mothers feeling guilty to their children and trigger stress on themselves. After knowing this, I hope every mother will be more enjoy their life and grateful for what they are.