The rumor saying Kate Middleton wants a third child before she turns 35 years old. Apparently, Prince William is all for that. Is that mean they have already planned for the third royal baby?


The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge seems to have beautiful journey on their marriage with Prince George and Princess Charlotte. Kate has said that she won’t stop at two children. Two months ago, a reliable source close to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge say Kate wants at least three children.

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In fact, Kate’s mother has three children. She is one of three and is very close to her brother, James, and her sister, Pippa. They were close in age and enjoy their sibling-ship as well. Kate Middleton is only 20 months apart than her sister, Pippa and she is less than five years older than her brother, James. They are incredibly close to each other and often meet each other at her family home in Blucklebury, Berks.

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This family bonding seems aspire her a lot to not stop after having one boy and one girl. That’s just not enough for her. It’s true that Princess Charlotte is still a baby, but in years coming, who knows?


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In other statement, Prince William is said to be content with two children, but he is all for that about third baby.