Facial can be done easily at home. If you are too busy and do not have time to go to beauty center, it does not mean you could not spoil yourself with treatment. Ice cubes facial is one of the easiest facial that you can do it yourself. It’s very simple and easy, and you can do this in the morning while you are doing another activity like listening to music or having breakfast.

ice cubes, water, cold

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How to do Ice Cubes Facial:

  1. Provide ice cubes in a bowl
  2. Wrap the ice cubes with paper towel or plastic bag
  3. Press the ice cubes to the surface of your skin


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Don’t press it too hard, you can do it slowly. Why we need to wrap the ice cubes with paper towel or plastic bag? Well, it is advised to wrap it to because blood vessel in your face is very tiny and fragile. If you want to do experiment, you can make ice cubes from water mixed with lemon, rose or water melon. Each of them is very beneficial for your skin.


Not only with ice cubes, you can do this facial with ice water:

  1. Provide a bowl of ice water
  2. Wash your face with ice water three times with interval 10-30 seconds for each

lemon, lemon water, citrus

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Ice cubes facial is very simple, but bring various benefit for you beauty, such as :

  1. Relieve skin redness and inflammation
  2. Nourish skin and shrink pores
  3. Make your face look clean and fresh
  4. Overcome skin wrinkle
  5. Overcome acne
  6. Make your face look shiny by using ice cubes from orange juice for 1-2 minutes



You may do experiment to dig more variant ice cube facial for your treatment. When you do this facial regularly, the best benefit will seen in your beautiful face.


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