Every woman wants to know how to reduce breast cancer risk. The first anticipation starts with healthy habits. The breast cancer risk factors include being overweight, smoking and not gettng enough exercise. To know this means you are ready to do preventive action such as eating healthy diet, do more exercise, note your nutrition intake, and quitting smoking.


Some risk faktors such as heredity is indeed can not be avoided. However, at least you can lower the risk by change your lifestyle. When you’re diagnosed with any form of breast cancer, talk to your doctor or health care professional will help you to battle with this disease –you’re not alone.

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The breast cancer case increased from year to year…

Breast cancer case in the United States is highest in the world, reaching 112.6 per 100,000 people. In UK and many countries in the world, breast cancer is common disease to hit woman. Every year, approximately 47000 woman and 342 man in UK is diagnosed with this cancer.


According to Medicalnewstoday, number of breast cancer case always increase from year to year. Its believed that nurition factor and modern lifestyle has the become the leading factors. It’s including too much alcohol, high fat diet, low fiber diet and obesity.


Mariette Abrahams, the nutrition expert revealed  there are higher demands nowadays on how to prevent breast cancer and how to treat it earlier. Hereafter, she advised to use natural way to prevent breast cancer and reduce its risk.

  1. Control Your Weight

Do exercise, no matter how busy you are. You don’t need to have one hour everyday, but just approximately 15 minutes per day. Doing regular exercise and  choose healthy foods, then combine it with  fruit and vegetables diet, grains, nuts and low fat milk. This is healthy way to control your weight.

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  1. More Vegetable

You no need explanation why you should take more vegetable –you know how good it is for you, but really it’s very effective to lower your risk. Try to have vegetable at least five a day. You can consult to your doctor how to add more vegetable and fruit in your diet.

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  1. Lower Your Intake of Saturated Fat

If you can’t avoid them, then slowly try to reduce your consumption on saturated fat, especially animal product. Whereas, you can have avocado, olive oil, nuts and salmon fish as alternative.


  1. Reduce Your Salt and Sugar

Reduce your salt and sugar consumption from your daily intake. Now you should be careful to take your favorite cookie, pastry and biscuit because they too contains enough sugar. Of course you can eat them, but remember to reduce the portion.

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  1. Reduce Your Alcohol

Drinking alcohol too much regularly will multiple the risk of cancer. Especially for woman, the consumption of wine should be reduced. It’s recommended to only consume alcohol 2-3 unit per day or 14 unit per week. The unit here is similar with half of standard wine glass or approximately 175ml.

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These five points above are very critical. More things, you can reduce the risk of breast cancer by breastfeeding, having enough vitamin D exposure and not smoking.  The more breast cancer case we heard everyday is the sign that most of us have neglected our health for lifestyle. Now you should take care your health better. Remember, Health is wealth.