Technology has advanced in very great way these days. It allows everyone to get instant access to internet through your computer desktop, notebook and gadget. The children are easiest to get influenced by technology. When parent can be the guidance for them to utilize technology, it would be great for them. But when parent is failed to monitor them, they could fall into bad valley. One thing to watch out is pornography. Pornography in internet is overwhelmed and easy to access. It’s important for a parent to protect their children from pornography and prevent them to be bad.

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Sex Education and Parent is The Key

Parents often feel too shy to open a communication with their children about sex. Whereas, it’s better for the children to get first their sex education from parent than from internet, school or friend that could mislead them wrong information. According to Prof. Alan McKee, the book writer of The Porn Report, the best way to prevent children from watching blue film is sex education from their parent. He stated that most of children access porn site for their big curiosity. Big curiosity in children will lead them to find external source to answer them about pornography, which one of its are coming from blue film, quoted from ABC Australia. Parent should know this better. It’s time to change old mindset that early talk about sex to children will trigger them to do early sex. It’s a wrong myth which becomes monster for most of parent to start a sex talk.


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Though, parent should also know when the right time to talk about this with their children. It’s better to have this talk privately to explain them about what is sex, the risk and why it should not done by those who not engaged in official relationship.


By teaching your children sex education, you have done an early protection for your children to have a brighter future. Things to remember, parenting hold the most important role. You are the essential key to build their personality. Let you become their first information gate to dig sex education so they would not go ashtray.