Fruit and vegetable juice is new favorite for healthy living. Not only fresh and yummy with variant taste, it meets your need for fiber and it is very rich in vitamin. They work as detox to remove toxin from your body ( detoxification ). To make it convenient with your intention, there is couple of point to be your attention. Follow these simple tips!


– Notice Sugar Level

Fruit juice does not always have low sugar level. In some cases, when you put more than one type of fruit, it increases your sugar level quickly. So, how to prevent this case? It would be better if you combine one type of fruit with vegetable. It will be healthier for you.


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– Pomegranate Juice and Bit Juice

Pomegranate is one of the healthiest fruit. It has high anti-oxidant content such as acid ellagic which support liver function to remove toxin in body. Bit juice is also very good for your health. It works very well as blood cleaner and improves endurance very well. It seems perfect to combine pomegranate fruit and small portion of Bit fruit in your juice. Would you give a try?

juice, smoothie, juice, pomegranate, healthy juice

Pomegranate juice is good for you/ (c) Pixabay


– Choose Your Vegetable

There are a lot of vegetable which is much recommended to be your experiment in your detox juice. Simply you can use green vegetable which doesn’t contain too much sugar, but rich in polyphenol and carotenoids. Those vegetables are such as broccoli, spinach, kale leaves and many more.

juice, smoothie, juice, pomegranate, healthy juice

(c) Pixabay


– Green Tea and Water

Don’t forget green tea and water to complete your day after the blend of fruit and vegetable juice. Green tea is very healthy for it superb anti-oxidant substance. And water has so many benefit for your health, especially to remove toxin from your body.


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It’s true that being healthy is expensive. So, it’s better to have healthy lifestyle to protect you and your loved one from illness and further health risk.